Thursday, January 31, 2013


I was cruising around Wattpad today when I came across a story that looked like it was written for children. I thought, "That's cool that a children's author is coming on this site. I haven't seen anything of that genre on here before." After a little further reading of the story, I found out the story was actually written by a child.

Wattpad has a rule you can't join if you're under thirteen, because goodness knows age restrictions are such an effective tool at stopping people from doing things on the internet. I would peg the author of this particular story at about nine years of age. It sounded like the child really wants to be an author, and I wish them well at this endeavour. However, this story is written in the typical style of a nine year old or thereabouts.

In an age where anyone can be an author or a singer or what have you and have an instant stage for what they're presenting, it means stuff will get out there that really shouldn't get out there. Maybe in a few years this child will produce some stories that really blow people away, but for now they're a typical nine year old or whatever, as far as their writing is concerned anyway. This is the age where they should be writing their stories for the fun of it and not putting them on social networking sites where trolls and other neferrious kinds of people will make fun of them.


That numbers voice was back on WTWW 5830 last night, fainter this time.

FM 96 Kingston has some new announcers, including a guy named Jess Mots.

Picked up WPXY last night.

It makes for much better listening when you listen to WGY on my sterio. What with it being operated by buttons, you don't have as much bleeding from adjacent stations.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Good to hear "Star Date" on WBBM. I haven't heard it for years, ever since I used to listen to it on The WRVO Playhouse.

CBC Radio 2 was coming in really well from last night till I changed the station tonight.

Picked up Kruz-fm (CKRU-fm) tonight with commercials.


Saturday night when I was listening to WTWW 5830 there was a guy reading numbers and letters under it. The voice sounded human but it also sounded like the transmission could have been generated by a computer.

CBC Television has a new staff announcer.

There was a Spanish station under AM 740 last night.


The most recent episode of Terry O'Riely's CBC Radio sho "Under The Influence" left me thinking, "Yeah, but what is radio actually doing." O'Riely talked about innovations radio is making around the world with regard to radio advertising. Many of the commercials featured on the program were very interesting, although it is worth noting only one was from the United States, and that from Puerto Rico.

O'Riely was gung-ho about radio, opining it would go in unimaginably interesting directions in the future. However, he only talked about how radio was showing inginuity with respect to commercials, when the area that's really important to innovate in is programming. What is radio, particularly North American radio, doing as far as fresh, creative programs are concerned? (From where I'm sitting, not very much.)

Oh, by the way, as far as the Malaysian PSA's about breast cancer are concerned: that's bucking great! How do I know that some news story I'm hearing isn't just a cleverly disguised advertisement for something. Is this going to be what news will be like in the future, (even moresoe than it is now?)


Hey up!

The Acoustic Song Circle @ the Beaufort Pub in Belleville is rolling round again.

This coming Monday (January 28th), starting at 6 pm and running through the evening until we’re done. Bring your instruments, your voices and your music. It’s all unplugged and it’s all good!

Through rain or hail or wind or snow (and even days of freezing cold!), the Acoustic Song Circle happens the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. If you didn’t join us last time around, you were missing out; it may be time to shake a leg and come on down....

Thanks to Kim and Taryn and the wonderful staff at the Beaufort for the welcome and the space to get together and play. The Beaufort Pub, 173 Dundas St. E. (South side of Dundas at the East end of the TSC Plaza).

Our friend Mr. Paul King being away down south, sampling the delights of the ‘Redneck Riviera’; we’ll be keeping his seat warm in absentia and the circle ‘unbroken’ until he returns.

Any questions? Drop me an email or give me a call.

Looking forward to see you this Monday evening.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Heard a creepy PSA for Neighbourhood Watch last night featuring a group who had just gotten new two-way radios.

WBCQ 7490 came in well until around 8:40 tonight.

The guy on 91x this afternoon skipped a commercial and a song.


I rejoined Fiverr. Figured I might as well give it one more kick at the can.

Good to see short stories on Wattpad.

Speaking of Wattpad, why is teen fiction categorized under humour in the emails I get from them?


That show "1000 Ways To Die" has some bizarre stuff on it.

WBCQ-fm is for sale. I believe they were running The Good Friends Radio Network.

Couldn't get WBCQ 7490 Wednesday night.

Enid, Oklahoma has a new radio station on AM 530. Now CIAO Toronto can no longer boast itself as the only North American radio station on that frequency.


I was checking out some bands from Birmingham, England recently and I was very impressed. I listened to songs by bands such as Jaws, Peace, Wide Eyed, and Poppy & The Jezebels. There sound was right straight up, which you can't say about very much music these days.

Get a joyous earful of these and other Birmingham bands on YouTube.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Not sure about the mainstream media in the United States, but the media up here has been making fun of the injuries that occurred at gun shows in the U.S. Saturday, Gun Appreciation Day. This is of course an attempt on the media's part to say the United States needs stricter gun control (gun confesgation) laws.

However, there is a side to this story no mainstream media outlets are reporting.

According to what I heard on Kurt Wilson's program, "The Armchair Survivalist", on SFAWBN Sunday, the man who caused the injuries at the North Carolina gun show was an undercover cop.

Wilson also reported what went on at a gun show in Santa Rosa, California, that he attended. He saw a man come in, pick up a few guns, and leave. A little while later, another man came in, picked up a couple guns, put one against his hand and pulled the trigger. The gun was loaded. The man was then heard to yell, "They said it wouldn't hurt."

While Wilson was treating the wounded man in a nearby bathroom, the man said he had been dared to do what he did.
I think these two incidents show collusion on the part of someone. Gun owners and distributors would not bring loaded guns to gun shows because of the obvious safety risks. I speculate this is either the mainstream media or the government's attempt to demonize gun owners in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I like that Pepsi Max commercial with the parrot.

Heard "The Humble And Fred Radio Show" last night. It was quite interesting.

CBC Radio Two was coming in well Sunday night through yesterday afternoon.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


The title of the editorial of the December 10-17 issue of Maclean's is "The End of Families." The editor writes about statistics concerning low rates of birth and marriage. Forget the end of families; what about the end of humanity in general? The baby boomers are dying of things like cancer, heart disease and dementia. Similar problems are cropping up among generation xers, as well as ms, cystic fibrosis and various other diseases. Many young people these days are obese, which has lead to speculation that this generation will be the first one that dies before their parents. Also, possibly as many as one in every 67 children has some form of autism spectrum disorder, to say nothing of children with other intellectual disabilities and other problems. Many of these children will not be intelligent enough to raise children, and the ones that are will have problems socially which will lead to trouble finding a spouse.

Emma Titel writes in the same issue a column about working from home. In typical Jewess fashion, she complains about working from home, even though this is what she does. Also, Titel injects levin into her column by acting like working from home is a recent thing. Actually, it used to be everybody worked from home. Most people farmed, and merchants and tradesmen lived above or behind their shops.

This issue also contains an article about the widening gap between the rich and the poor in South Africa. South Africa was better under apartheid. Now, the things that are done to white farmers and other tragic goings-on are never talked about in North American media.


I dislike the term Acu Weather Real Feel. Just say wind chill factor.

WBCQ 7490 was coming in last night until about 8:40.

Glad WBT has a local evening host again.

Friday, January 18, 2013


WTWW was coming in really poorly Wednesday night.

Picked up WBAP Wednesday night.

Glad Omni2 is going to be all ethnic programming.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Thoughts on an article from the January-March "Encounter With God" daily devotional.

"... then faced the misery and disappointment of the prayer the next time I see them ... and the time after that."

Yeah, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

"One belief is that a Christian has more cause for joy than sadness, so we should not be depressed."

"Joy" as found in the Bible is a contentment. It isn't to say Christians never go through bad times (see Psalm 34 19), but through it all, though hard times may be accompanied by sadness, frustration and other emotions, there is a contentment in the knowledge that Jesus is with us.

"Another belief is that depression is the result of sin. Maybe, occasionally, depression is the natural outworking of a decision to disobey God ..."

Actually, depression is a lot more than occasionally caused by sin. In fact, depression is one of the consequences of disobeying the Lord in Deuteronomy 28.

Interestingly and unsurprisingly, the writer, Joe Sweeny, does not at all mention demons as the cause of depression, even though it's known that demons have caused depression in many instances. In cases where depression is genetic, this could be due to demons travelling on DNA or the manifestation of a generational curse on a family for an ancestor's past sin. (See Exodus 20)

"... depression is a medical condition, not a spiritual one."

An out and out lie from the pits of Hell.

"It can be provoked by an external cause, trauma, bereavement or life change. It can be a side effect of medication or another medical condition such as a stroke. Or it can be an organic imbalance in the chemistry of the brain."

People do need to recognize the above-mentioned things can cause one to be depressed, but, on the other hand, people need to realize there is a difference between someone who is severely depressed and someone who is sad because of a death in the family or their kids leaving home.

"Repentance is not the answer; medication and talk therapy are."

Repentance is not the answer? When those gathered in Jerusalem asked Peter "what must we do", he told them to repent. (Acts 2 36-38)

As far as medication is concerned, the writer is talking about pharmaceutical medication. Pharmaceutical comes from the Latin word pharmachea, which means and is translated in the Bible as witchcraft. These antidepressants are conduits for demons. It is well worth noting and should be publicized that all the school shooters so far have been on psychotropic medications.

By talk therapy, Sweeny most likely means lying on a psychiatrist's couch complaining about your mommy till Lady Gaga comes out with a song that's not totally stupid. Talking to a pastor or Christian counsellor may be helpful, but psychiatrists and psychologists, who are also themselves sorcerers in the vein of what I talked about above, are not the solution to depression.

"My response to that would be that: 1. God doesn't need us to scrub Him up and make Him look better; He is awesome and holy and radiant and anyone who seeks Him will find Him ..."

By that logic, why try to live the Christian life at all? If He will shine through our faults, why not just live the way we were living before we got saved and whomever looks for Jesus will eventually somehow have a saving relationship with Him.

"Biblical Heroes With Black Dogs"

True, Elijah possibly got burnt out and ran in fear from Jezebel, but he did more for the people of God than these Christians who constantly whine about how screwed up they were will ever do.

The writer also cites David as an example of a depressed Biblical hero. Sure, David went through a lot of stuff, but there is nothing to suggest he was chronically depressed. Christians all go through trials and we have natural emotional and physical responses.

If you are a Christian struggling with depression, I pray the following suggestions will help:

commit to reading a significant portion of the Bible every day, prayerfully getting into the Scriptures and learning more about God;
pray more, especially that God will reveal Himself more to you in everyday life;
make a sincere efert to try to find the possitive in daily situations;
accordingly, be thankful for every good thing, even if it's small: thank God for warm beds, hot coffee, electricity, running water, hot showers, indoor plumbing, the fact He put your nose on straight, all the diseases you don't have.

It's funny how Sweeny recommends a book whose subtitle is "a journey out of depression."

Monday, January 14, 2013


Found a great website. Christian Tuner allows you to listen to a huge number of Christian radio, television and internet stations from around the world. There are many different genres of music as well as teaching channels.

There's a Benny Hinn network; why can't there be a Benny Hill network?

A guy called The Freddie Vette Show today and requested a rarity. Freddie played it for him. Not many deejays would do this today.

Heard one of my old college professors, Hillary McLeod, call into The Freddie Vette Show today and make a request.


This video is just amazing. The song is a real blessing and the video is poignant and touching.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The November 26 issue of Maclean's has an article about alkaline hydrolisis, a new method of handling the remains of the dead. When I die I want to be blown up with dynamite and have wild flowers planted in the resulting crater.

The same issue contains an article about the worst crimes and criminals in the minds of Canadians. Entertainment Tonight used to have a series on their weekend edition called "Whatever Happened to Your Favourite Stars." If Canadians had a similar show, it would be called "Whatever Happened to Your Favourite Sereal Killers."

There is also a piece about how many major fast food restaurants are facing financial loss and what they're doing to try to improve their lot. If A and W wants to grow it's bottom line, it can stop making its food so bloody dry.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

DX LOG 1/12

88.3 WEAR with music.

91.9 CKLY Lindsey with commercials including for Lindsey Pizza.

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with music and ID.

Kix 93.7 with announcer and Keith Urban.

94.1 WBRU Rochester with Aerosmith.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with Rod Stewart, live announcer and Bad Company.

97.5 WFRY Watertown with country music.

97.9 WPXY with music and announcer.

98.5 WMYR with music and ID.

98.9 WBZA? Rochester with ID and music.

99.5 WDCX Rochester with promos for preachers and Christian contemporary music.

100.5 WDVE Rochester with music and ID.

102.9 WDCZ Syracuse? with what sounded like preacher.

103.1 WEDG Buffalo with promo for fundraiser, commercial for Rapids Theater, ID, and music.

Friday, January 11, 2013


In this week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind, Anne Chiapata writes about the lack of audio description for the blind on TV. I am not a big fan of described video myself, as I have written about on here in the past.

Eventually, all television programming will be described, except the stuff that really should be described which is documentaries with subtitles.

Anne also mentions in her article about recording TV shows with a digital recorder as an alternative for blind people to VCRs and DVRs. As a kid I was constantly taping stuff off the TV with my little tape recorder. I wonder if there's a way you could hook a digital recorder into a TV for better sound quality?

In the same issue, there is an article about online seminars. (I can't say the word "webinar" with any seriousness.) When I attended online seminars in the past for a company I used to work for, I found the experience neat. It was kind of like attending a conference and watching a TV show at the same time.

Speaking of which, in his op-ed piece, Bob Branco writes about a proposal his city has in mind for virtual classrooms. He says these could cause the students to become isolated and cause other problems. Ever heard of homeschooling, Bob?

Thursday, January 10, 2013


John B. Wells is a great radio personality.

Saw an ad the other day where a radio company wanted someone who could program four stations, host an airshift and be the brand manager. There is no bloody way one person can perform that many jobs well.

Heard the weather station I listen to giving its call letters the other night. It is CXK Belleville on 162 mhz.

It would appear the site has been hacked. There is a big thing about Viagara on the homepage. Hope I didn't pick up something from visiting it just now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have the feeling Pharaoh didn't order the killing of the Hebrew baby boys as a tyrranical thing against the people's will at first. Rather, I think he did a bit of PR and tried to get the Hebrews on board with the idea, making it seem like the right thing to do, maybe even the "cool" or "in" thing.

When Moses intervened when those two Hebrew men were fighting, the men asked if Moses was going to kill them as he killed the Egyptian. Often, the one who is trying to free people from an unjust system can look like the bad guy to the people he is trying to liberate.

Pharaoh was so arrogant he had the magicians mimicking the plagues that God was placing on Egypt. "My magicians can do that. It isn't enough that the Nile and many of our other sources of water have turned to blood. I'll show Moses and get my sorcerers to turn some of what little water remains into blood."

The Israelites were forced to gather their own straw while making the same amount of bricks. This paralels our society where it is getting more and more difficult to live.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ROMANS 1 18-2 16

Romans 1 18-32: The verses about homosexuality and reaping the recompence in the flesh are still as true today as they were 2000 years ago.

2 1-16: The Gentiles, that is, the members of the ten lost tribes of Israel, had God's law on their heart still even though they no longer knew the Most High God. By extension, other peoples have a basic moral code within them. Even the most primitive societies know things like adultery and murder are wrong.

God is good to people because he wants them to repent.

These two things are an example of common grace.


Frank Ogden, Dr. Tomorrow, has died at the age of 92. I remember his Dr. Tomorrow feature on CKRU back in the nineties.

"Ground Zero" with Clyde Lewis has been doing some really great radio lately.

Much Music has launched a new VJ search. This came as a surprise because I didn't think Much still showed music videos.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Another year end passed and welcome to 2013!

Anxieties over “The end of the Mayan Calendar” have been relegated to the dustbin of popular history along with “Millenium Virus hysteria” (remember that one?), and other similar obsessions with impending doom and disaster. Yes, it would appear that (somehow....) predictions of mayhem and apocalypse have once again not been fulfilled by actual catastrophe.

I really am so glad....

The longest night of the year is behind us and the days are lengthening again.

So – while keeping alert to the possibility of errant asteroids, irritating haemorrhoids, drum machines, Beiber and/or other 'droids – here’s the really important news!

Don’t forget....

‘The Amazing Jam’ – acoustic music – this Sunday afternoon at the Marmora Inn.

Time: 3 o’clock until 5 – THIS SUNDAY afternoon.

Location: The Marmora Inn– 29 Bursthall St. in Marmora.

Bursthall Street is the first road East of the traffic lights in Marmora. The Marmora Inn is south of Highway 7, part way down the first block. (You can find it; I know you can!)

2nd Sunday of the month(yes, only once a month....) 3 o’clock until 5 in the afternoon(planning for 2 hours, reckon we can play a bit longer when we need....)

2012_11110004-sm2012_11110005-sm‘The Marmora Country Inn’ is a really nice place offering a licensed dining room (the food is superb), overnight accommodation and spa facilities. Our hosts – Rui and Kathy Pereira – are lovely people. They welcome us on the second Sunday afternoon of each month to play music at the Inn from 3 – 5 pm (or later). Coffee, tea and other good things are available to us in the library while we are playing and the dining room opens at 5 pm. Those who wish are always welcome to stay on after the music, nosh on appetizers (including vegetarian options), sip some wine, etc. (or opt for dinner if you’re really hungry) while the dining room is open.

The space is beautiful, the hosts are welcoming, the food is excellent – by reputation, easily the best around. The Marmora Inn has also been known to book musicians to play events, so there could be some good connections to be made.


Come on out this Sunday afternoon. Bring your instruments, your voices and your music. I t’s all unplugged and it’s all good! Guitar, bass, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, accordion, flute, celtic harp – the list goes on.

There may be only 4 or 5 of us or maybe a whole room full of musicians. A place for ‘first-timers’ and experienced players alike. A good bunch of people playing all kinds of music together. People in their teens all the way through proto-geezers. Maybe even an incipient-geriat or two....

Any acoustic music from punk to polka!

Looking forward to see you this Sunday; doing again what we do so well.

James Reid


Does Norm Rickaby work for Starboard Communications now?

Picked up WPXY Rochester really well today at around 1:00.

Today I heard two members of the town crew (who were removing snow) through my computer speakers. They were talking to each other on their radios and it was coming through clear as a bell.

The Moose (CJNH-fm) Bancroft is slightly less worse than it used to be.

AM 740 was coming in really well last night.

The weather band on my shortwave has been working really well lately.


Our Israelite ancestors worshipped idols and today we have idols as well. Idols aren't just things like self image. People, such as preachers or talk show hosts, can also be idols.

Samuel's sons were corrupt, so it was right that the people should want them removed. However, rather than asking for the Lord to give them judges who couldn't be bought like they should have done, the people said they wanted to be like everyone else and have a king. Samuel warned them what their king would be like. Like government today, he would impose taxes and have the attitude towards the people's property of "I want it, so it's mine."

The reason the Ammonites wanted to take the right eyes of the people was so they couldn't fight back when they would eventually and inevitably want to get rid of their Ammonite oppressors. The right eye is the aiming eye, used when one is aiming a bow or a gun. This is similar to how governments want to disarm their citizenry today.

After the victory, the attitude was an idolatrous one, as was seen in earlier chapters. The people were basically worshipping Saul, saying, "Hey, Saul's just led us to victory in this battle. All these people who said they didn't want to have a king, let's kill 'em."

Friday, January 4, 2013


That Freddie Vette tie exchange on CJBQ sounds pretty neat.

KXFY in Enid, Oklahoma has switched call letters to KOAG and formats to all agricultural news. Sounds interesting and unique.

The weather band on my shortwave has continued to work well.


A forum, looks to be from the UK, with talk about cloth diapers and many other parenting topics.

A blog with sewing patterns for elimination communication-related clothing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Picked up WKBN Youngstown a couple nights ago.

Picked up WIBX last night.

It turns out the name of the woman who has been filling in on WBZ overnight is Jennifer Brandice, not Jenny Breen as I had previously stated. I regret the error.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


WHAM-tv was coming in better last night than the local stations so I watched "Ryan Seacrest's Rockin New Year's Eve" and counted down with them.

Neither CBC Radio or Television appeared to be doing anything for New Year's.

So the UK station Jazz FM is called that even though they're not on FM.

Radio Locator (er?) appears not to exist anymore.