Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Oh, Durkin-Hayes, or DH Audio as you came to be known in your later years, with your 60 minute cassettes that came in the little cardboard sleeves. You introduced me to James Herriot and "Midnight Cab."

It was cool how you could get four of them for really cheap.

Failure to adapt to cds and downloading probably contributed to DH's demise.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Listened to another tape this afternoon which had airchecks from CFGM. It was from October 10, 1983. I know this because at the end of the tape the woman who was making it, who sounded like she was in her fifties, came on and told the listener so.

The cassette was recorded on a Thanksgiving, and CFGM was doing "The 300 Greatest Country Songs Of All Time." Most of the announcer wasn't recorded, but at one point he told a joke involving a turkey.

The woman probably started making the tape in the noon hour and must have continued into the late afternoon. I surmise this because the tape went from #107 to #84 to #75.

Additionally, at one point you could hear a cuckoo clock in the background.


Yesterday I was going through some cassettes a friend gave me and found a tape with airchecks from CFGM, the country station that used to be in Toronto (well actually Richmond Hill.) There was a song followed by an announcer doing a backsell, timecheck and talking about the weather. The tape was made by shoving a tiny cassette recorder up against a radio, so you could hear things in the background. At one point I heard a woman laughing and a man making a remark. I also heard a dog barking at one point.

In addition to the aircheck of the deejay, the tape also contained exerpts from a special program that must have been broadcast on CFGM at the time called "The History Of Country Music." The show had an announcer who wasn't at all suited for the type of program he was doing, a Mr. Big Voice type. The person would turn the tape recorder off whenever a song was played they didn't like and turn it back on when the announcer came back on.

My guess is the tape is from about 1971 because the "History Of Country Music" special seemed like it only went up to 1970.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


In last week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind, Karen Krowter writes about her time at summer camp in the sixties, including a counsellor who was mean to the girls and called them ungrateful. It's a summer camp, for cripes sake, not a reform school.

The Open Kitchen section of the June issue of Readers Digest has an item about a chef who recently made barbecued Twinkies. A recipe for another type of grilled dessert was included. Sounds like a really cool guy!

The June 4 issue of Maclean's has an article about an exhibition about sex the Canadian government objects to. The show was developed "with consultation from teachers, doctors and sexologists." Sexologists!? I thought that was just something off SCTV.

"Here's registered sexologist Dr. Cheryl Kinsy."

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Seems like World Harvest Radio has some new shows.

Heard Radio Free Saint John on the internet yesterday. Reminded me of some of the clandestine stations on shortwave.

Heard a country station on the internet from Russia Thursday afternoon. Versions of American country songs in Russian and a newer country song in English with frequent IDs advertising programs the station featured.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Found the coolest thing on YouTube the other night: a recording of a program that aired on TV Ontario (or OECA as it was then known) back in 1974 called "Media Circus." During the show, there were twelve monitors in the control room tuned to all the channels available in the Toronto area at that time. The hosts would talk about the programs as they were being broadcast.

Here is part three which features a guy using slowscan television imagery.


Dictionary.com is really only good if you know how to spell the word for which you are searching. A lot of people use dictionaries to find out the spelling of a word.

It seems these days more spammers are using innocent websites as third party sites to lure their unsuspecting victims to the spammer's page of malware.

What happened to Britcaster? Years ago, when I went to britcaster.co.uk it had all these links to UK podcasts. Now it's a blog (albeit an interesting one) with links to YouTube videos and such.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dear Candy,
OK, you have a problem. If it is at the point where you wear diapers 24-7 and carry a silky (which I asume is like some sort of blanky) around with you all the time, that's taking it too far.

You say in the annotation to your channel on YouTube that you rely on the ab lifestyle for security and happiness. That is not healthy.

If you and your Mommy (I'm asuming she goes by the pseudonym Lotus) are acting out the big-little dynamic at your parents resort condo and at dinner and movie get-togethers at friend's houses, that is taking it too far.

You need help. Get to a good Christian counsellor immediately.


I take back the nice thing I said about Go To Meeting yesterday. Tried to watch an online seminar last night and it wasn't working.

I also take back the nice things I thought about the capcha's on Blogger being accessible. I can hardly understand any of the words in the audio challenges. Tried fifteen times to solve a capcha so I could comment on a post, then just gave up.


Got a call yesterday from a company called Political Opinions who wanted me to participate in a survey. As a reward, they were going to give me a two-day cruise to the Bahamas. Wow! A whole two days!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Saw an entry on a blog that was a tribute to Amy Winehouse. Thing was, it was written in 2008.

One thing Yahoo Answers is good for is finding out what alcoholic beverages are good to mix with various nonalcoholic beverages. I have taken a few suggestions from contributors to Yahoo Answers in the past and they have never steered me wrong.

Go To Meeting is good software for online seminars. Very easy to use.


Isotonix OPC-3

Isotonix OPC®-3®; contains the highest quality ingredients to create the most effective and potent OPC product on the market. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are bioflavonoids (complex organic plant compounds) found in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks that provide exceptional nutritional benefits to the human body. The three best sources of OPCs available are in Market America’s OPC-3 — grape seed extract, red wine extract and Pycnogenol®; from pine bark. Helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins and supports cardiovascular health.*

• Potent free radical scavenger and neutralizer

• Helps maintain healthy circulation

• Supports healthy blood glucose levels
I have used OPC-3 regularly. A couple weeks after I first started taking it, I noticed I was sleeping better. Instead of lying awake at night, I would go to bed, maybe get up once to go to the washroom and fall right back asleep. This led to an increased sense of well-being. It also led to more of a sense of purpose since I was waking up earlier and more rested and thus could get more done in a day.
OPC-3 can be purchased here.http://www.rimcorproducts.com/

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Turned on the radio tonight to listen to "The World At Six" and heard a whole mess of stations where CBC should have been. I realized this meant only one thing: the summer skip was back.

Went upstairs and turned on my little TV-radio combo. Picked up a fair number of stations from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and even Mississippi. Stations included Kickin 92.5, 98.9 WBAM from I think Montgomery Alabama, Kiss 104, a top 40 station from Atlanta, a station from Jacksonville Florida with lots of commercials, and a station from Gulfport Mississippi with commercials for Fred's Super Dollar store and Tulane University.

Monday, July 23, 2012

DX LOG 7/21

88.3 WAER with hymns.

90.1 Rochester with Mexican music and IDs that made it sound more like a Mexican top 40 station than a jazz station.

91.7 CHOW Welland with "Nights With Alice Cooper."

93.5 WBLK with rap song.

94.? another Family Radio station with introduction to Bible lesson.

95.1 WBRU with promo.

96.5 WCMF with live announcer (can you believe it on a Saturday night?) named Paul Stanley (I asume not the Paul Stanley from Kiss.)

97.9 WPXY with commercials, ID and into music.

99.5 WDCX with Christian contemporary music.

104.1 WHTT Buffalo with ID.

106.7 WKGS with ID and music.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Looked at Ustream for the first time last night. That site is pretty cool. So many things you can watch live, and lots of recorded stuff archived there as well.

Things sure change quickly on the internet. It's amazing how, when you look through a blogroll that's not even a year old, so many of the sites in the list can be taken down.

This isn't really related to the internet but there is a cool phone service called Tell Me where you can listen to news, look up businesses (in the U.S.) and get lots of travel and traffic information. The number is 1-800-555-8355.


Congratulations to Shilo Bellis on his CCMA nomination.

The CRTC has ruled satilite TV providers can offer an ala carte service where you pay only for the specific channels you want. I thought they already did that a few years ago?

The CRTC has ended the Local Programming Improvement Fund. The decision was made when it was realized there is no more local programming.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


There is a website I used to visit called Toiletstool which is a "forum dedicated to the act of relieving yourself." I finally stopped visiting said forum a couple years ago after I realized it wasn't really a site a Christian should read.

However, there was another reason I stopped visiting Toiletstool; I began to suspect it was fake.

Of course, when you put any forum or any other kind of interactive site like that on the web you're going to get actual people posting there. I am not saying all the posts are fake, but there were a few general things about the posts which made me highly suspicious.

First of all, there were women on Toiletstool who said they had a condition called "megabladder", an extremely large bladder. These women claimed they could urinate for five minutes straight (some even longer.) One of these women told people reading the site to Google megabladder. I did so and could not find anything describing the condition these women were talking about. Rather than an extremely large bladder in certain individuals, megabladder appears to be a condition that appears in babies in utero in rare circumstances. One kind of poster exposed.

Secondly, there were a number of teenage girls and young women who posted on Toiletstool who said they liked going in their pants, as well as secondhand stories of young girls finding out their friends liked doing this. However, let us think about this for a few seconds. What's the most important thing for a teenager or even a young woman in her twenties? Not being embarrassed, as well as looking cool around her friends. Thus, if the girl who was contemplating doing this actually did it, there's a chance her friends would find out and she would be thought of as weird. Why then would someone do this in front of one of her friends or talk about it firsthand on an internet forum where her friends could possibly come across her post and find out?

Then there were all the stories of genuine accidents, which don't match up with what I have experienced. For the most part, a girl gets toilet trained and maybe has a few accidents for the first few years after that, but after that doesn't really have any issues. Sure, as a teenager she might have an accident, but you're telling me there are that many girls who can't make it to the bathroom in time on a less frequent basis?

Then there were all the stories that sound like typical errotica/fetish stuff. I won't go into detail about these.

I guess I had suspected this site was fake for a rather long time, but what made me stick around so long was that so many of the posters seemed like quite intelligent people. It didn't seem like your typical fantasy forum at all. Notwithstanding, most of the stories on Toiletstool are and were probably written by basement boys.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Congratulations to Wendy Bouma on moving from K-rock Kingston to 94.9 The Rock Toronto.

Wow, Freddie Vette, doing an impression of Santa Clause that sounds exactly like Russell. Radio at it's best.

I swear I'm going to throw my radio out the bucking window. Was trying to find something to listen to while I went to sleep last night (which I actually managed to do quite well despite the sweltering temperatures.) Milt Rosenberg (yes, one of the few Jewish people I actually somewhat like) was not coming in, the jerk Bradley Jay was on WBZ and "Coast To Coast" had some Sufi mystic guy on. "Nightstream" on CBC Radio Two was playing some crummy pop song. I finally had to tune to TSN 1050 as a last resort and fell asleep listening to "Sports Centre Something-or-other."


An item in the Good News section of the May 21 issue of Maclean's points out evidence that female polar bears can swim long distances. So much for those global warming activists telling us how polar bears were drowning because they had to swim further out to the ice flows. Good job Maclean's. Alex Jones pointed out this fact five years ago.

In the same issue, there is an article about the oil boom in North Dakota and all the problems it's bringing. A caller to the Scriptures for America live broadcast described working in what I asume was the oil fields of North Dakota as "the salt mines of Siberia."

The Society section of the same issue features an article about personal concierge services. These entrepeneurs will do anything for anyone, including scattering ashes and putting flowers on the graves of loved ones. I wonder if there's a personal concierge near where I live to help me with those tasks which come up occasionally that would really be aided by a pair of working eyeballs.

The by-line of the article in part asks, "How did we get so useless?" Later, though, in doubleminded hypocrisy, the piece in Maclean's comes out in favour of this outsourced laziness. The article says that outsourcing menial tasks allows people to spend more time with their families. However, the people that would outsource things like various tasks the article describes are such barrels full of monkeys they probably spend most of their extra time fighting.

The article also takes the tack that, "We have salesmen at car delerships to help us purchase vehicles and we have professional clowns to entertain our kids at birthday parties so why not outsource everything else?" Yes, humans are excellent at stopping themselves. It's just like the arguments that same sex marriage (meaning all these tinkerbell faggots gettin married) won't lead to things like legalised incest and beastiality.

Speaking of same sex marriage, I have two pieces of advice for Emma Title: (1) shut the heck up and (2) shut the buck up. I don't bucking care about you're endless articles about "Intolerance" and you're defense of homosexuality. Even less do I care about your columns about things like "Israeli Apartheid Week" or whatever the buck it's called. The majority of Macleans' readers are probably not Jewish so what the buck do we care about these kinds of things? Just another example of the Jews forcing their agenda down our throats.

FYI, Emma, statistically speaking, you and Sam will probably be broken up before too long.


I have written much on this blog about what trouble the radio industry is in. However, I think I've come up with an idea for a national format that will firstly, not cost a lot of money, which is something radio executives love, and secondly, will really reflect Canada and the United States. We are talking a format the listener will really connect with, people.

The morning show would consist of those two guys I mentioned in a "Billboard Book of Number One Hits" post, Ryan and Bill. They would be in charge of morning drive where they would do the same things they did at the school for the blind, namely fight and tick each other off. Ryan could take the final hour of breakfast (9:00) solo, singing and saying random things to himself.

Mid-days would feature some welfare bum complaining about how hard done by they are and how they feel they're entitled to everything and how all goods and services should be free. The show would almost certainly contain liberal use of the f word, but when someone complained to the CBSC and the CRTC, we would just tell those organizations we were giving members of a marginised socioeconomic group a voice and they would be totally cool with it.

Afternoon drive would consist of this young woman in our town making up stories about getting raped and talking about sundry other vulgar things. Again this would draw the ire of certain organizations but please refer to the paragraph above.

Evenings could consist of some black activist type or even just an ordinary brother from the projects (either in Canada or one down in the States) talking about how hard done by they are and how the system is controlled by evil white people intent on dragging them back to the plantation.
The aforementioned program would only be on Monday-Thursday evenings because Friday nights you want something special. Friday night, the drunks take over the studio! Get a bunch of alcoholic lowlifes into the studio, open the mics and let the booze flow. This is the show where you'll here lots of music, probably many of your favourite party anthems-well at any rate parts of your favourite party anthems till one drunk says they don't like that song and they start beating each other up.

Overnights will be given over to people high on various illegal (and maybe some legal) drugs to do there thing.

Weekends (at least temporarily) would consist of special programming from your favourite nationally syndicated radio personalities. Rush Limbaugh has been contracted to do a show exclusive to my network. He will do the same things for which he is known, loved and respected, but with a twist. Staged callers will phone in and point out his hypocrisies.

"All right, let's go to the phones. Gerald in Brockville, your on with Rush."
"Yeah, Rush, how can you claim to be such a patriotic American when you dodged the draft"
"Well, I was..."
"And you didn't register to vote until 1988."
"And how come you're looked on as this national voice for information when you get so many things wrong?"
"Like the Sandra Fluke thing, you called her Susan Fluke. If you're such a highly-rated and important nationally syndicated talk show host don't you think you could bother to get someone's bucking name right,?"

Hopefully at this point Limbaugh would have a heart attack and die.

Or Dr. Laura:

"Let's go to Marlena in Prescott. Marlena, you're on the air."
"Yes, Dr. Laura, I'm just wondering, how can you stand to be such a hypocrite?"
"In what possible way am I, have I ever been or will I ever be a hypocrite?"
"Well, you give people advice regarding problems with their families, yet you're basically estranged from two of your sons and you have one other son in the military."
Well, you see I..."
"Yes, you're your kid's Mom, when you aren't preparing or hosting your radio show or writing books or making guest appearances, but for a whole fifteen minutes a day you're practically the poster girl for stay-at-home moms."
"And how are you even qualified to give people advice on personal problems? You're doctrate is in kinesiology. If you have a sore knee, people, she's the gal you want to call. Otherwise, stay away."
"OK, next caller,. I don't care who you are, just go ahead."
"Yeah, I have a sore knee."
"BUCK off."

Hopefully a similar thing would befall her as befell Rush Limbaugh at this point.

After all the nationally syndicated talk show hosts were dead, I think the weekends would be filled by various religious hypocrites trying to justify there sins. Yeah, that should be good for a few laughs.

Warning: The preceeding was cynical and should not have been read by children who think they're guinea pigs.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Joined those social networking sites I mentioned earlier with my sister's help. One is Book Rabbit, a site for people who love to read, and the other is Wattpad, a place for those who love to both read and write.

Accidentally downloaded a toolbar the other day and it changed my default search engine to the one the company that made the toolbar was partnered with. As legal as you can get to spyware.

Song Meanings is a great site for lyrics without viruses.

On the weekend, listened to a couple cds I burned a few years ago that contained tracks I downloaded from the Virtual Gramophone. A lot of interesting stuff, especially the songs and sketches about the First World War. Bet the politically correct crowd in Ottawa is popping their buttons over some of the more racist stuff, though.


About a week ago my friend gave me a jar of pomegranite apple jelly his wife had made. He said ,"Good for toast in the morning."

Well, I have news for this friend of mine. That pomegranite apple jelly is not only good on toast, but also in other ways. I had it with a chicken breast last week.

Also, I just had a pork sandwich with the jelly on it and let me tell you it was some good. I imagine any apple flavoured jelly would be good on a pork sandwich since people put apple sauce on pork. Don't know about flavours like grape, though. Try it and see.


Have started playing a few Soundcloud files.

Tried to join a couple social networks, but each registration form had some aspect of it that was inaccessible.

YouTube, please do not put ads containing songs in front of videos of songs I look up.


by Thomas Lanier. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1880.

I said in one of my posts on the 1001 series the Howard Pyle version of King Arthur stories was much better. I take that back. Lanier's version (based on Thomas Mallory's writing of these legends) is much mor detailed and authentic.

The characters do definitely spend a lot of time fighting. Also, Guiniver can't seem to get along with anybody.

If nothing else, this book will make you feel very intellectual.


Always a treat to hear the news from Deutsche Welle.

No Canadian movie again Saturday night, CBC?

CKOC is broadcasting reruns of Wolfman Jack's old show. Shows how desperate the radio industry is for content these days.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tried to watch the Canadian movie Saturday night on CBC but they were showing "The Winnepeg Comedy Festival" instead. What's up with that, CBC?

Instead of just playing the aaa stream from CBC Music every night, why doesn't CBC Radio Two play a different genre of music each night of the week?

Rusty Humphreys should start a line of cars. Then people could say, "Buy a Rusty car."


This post is my third on the subject of age-play and a response to this video.

Indeed, the main thing age-play seems to come down to is regression. It is not just acting like and pretending something for a while for whatever reason. It is about actually putting oneself into the "state of mind", as Candy says of whatever age the age-player is pretending to be.

I first started researching this topic about a year and a half ago when a friend confessed to me they were into it. I had known about adult babies before, through means such as TV shows I shouldn't have watched as a child and articles in magazines, but I had always thought of it in terms of something execs and businessmen did secretly. I really had no real idea that a more diverse segment of the population was into this sort of thing.

I also had no idea of the age range employed in age-play. I knew there were those individuals who acted like babies but I did not know there were those who acted like older children, all the way up to sixteen as a girl in a video I wrote a previous post about explained.

As I said, after my friend told me they were into age-play, I really started thinking about it. There are those executives and businessmen who have many responsibilities and are always expected to be the decision makers and the leaders. One can clearly see why they would regress. Then there are others who, though they are not in the aforementioned top positions, nevertheless have the usual numerous responsibilities that go along with being an adult and feel the need to regress.

Often, age-play is sexual. However, I was also suprised to learn from my friend that there is also nonsexual age-play. There are adult men who platonically want their mommies and adult women who want their daddies. That aspect of age-play got me thinking that there must be nonsexual age-play involving two women, because sometimes a girl, though she has the responsibilities of an adult and enjoys taking care of her house and her other duties, just wants her mommy. This lead me to Candy's videos.

I would venture to say we all feel the need to regress at some times. For the majority of us, that would involve thinking back to a favourite childhood memory and basking in that moment. For others, and I have really only noticed this in women, it involves a retention of a childlike playfullness under the surface. I daresay we all know some woman who is a responsible adult but could still be described as playful and possessing a sort of childlike friendliness and childlike possitive attitude. I notice this particularly with my best friend's wife. When I am around her, the Holy Spirit gives me the ability to see what she was like as a child in addition to what she is like now. Further to this, at times I have seen what she will be like ten to fifteen years from now.

Then, for others, this regression takes the form of age-play. For some, age-play takes place only occasionally. For others, it takes place several times a week, daily or even continuously.

A commenter to this video on YouTube, Susie McSusiefruit, writes under the video that "growing up is scary" and why would you want to be grown up all the time "... especially when you are alone." I do not condemn age-players or think age-play is a sin. However, Susie, when someone has Christ, they can go forward smiling at the future. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. If God is for us, then no one can be against us. With the very God and ruler of the universe on our side, His people don't need to be afraid of anything, not even the uncertainties of growing up and facing the future.

2 Timothy 1 7
"for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind"

Romans 8 31
"what shall we then say to these things if God for us who against us"

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi all,

madoc jam - 2010_1003 - 036sm

Sad to say, the Amazing Jam as we have known it – our weekly Sunday afternoon acoustic music jam in Madoc – has vanished into history....

Amazing Coffee, the location that nurtured and supported our music for so long has been sold. The new owners did not appear compatible with what we do.

It is with regret that I pass on this news to all of you who have played with us, listened in, made us cappuccino – “Grand Theft Cafe Latte” (....it was the whipped cream!) – and enjoyed the tunes over the 22 months since JP and I first started up the Amazing Jam back at the end of August 2011.

Every Sunday for almost 2 years – OK, so we skipped a couple because of Christmas – but hey, that’s a lot of music!

Thank you all so much for what you gave, for the way we all sang and played together. John Paul, Hayley, Patty, Peter, Fraser, Alex.... And the list goes on. To all of you/all of us, thank you for everything you have brought to creating this beautiful thing we called “The Amazing Jam”.

I’ll be keeping in touch. Letting you know when the phoenix rises, when we find a suitable new location and confirm a revival of Amazing Jam in Madoc. Looks likely to be a one-Sunday-a-month gathering starting up in late August or sometime in September.

I’m looking forward to taking a break through the month of July. And, in the meantime....

Next weekend I will be co-hosting (with Paul King) a workshop at the Frankford Island Blues Festival at 10 am Saturday, July 14th:

Running a Jam or Song Circlemadoc jam - 2012_0701sm - last call

What makes a Jam work; helps attract new people; keeps them coming back, wanting to share a tune? What’s a good location: private, public or commercial? How to support varying levels of skill; welcome different styles of music; cope with rhythmical abyssmia. Hey! Song thief.... Bring your guitar, or your ...? We'll share our secrets, ask you yours....

Should be good. You’re all invited to come on out and join in. Hey, you all helped me learn this stuff.

(Frankford Island Blues Festival is on the island between the Trent River and the Canal in Frankford; figured that out, right?)

Thanks again for everything!

James Reid

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The other night on WTAM, heard the same commercial three times in five minutes.

Really, CBC, replaying last summer's episodes of "This Is That?" How cheap.

"Into The Blue" and "Last Radio Playing" have been replaced on WWCR Saturdays by a couple sacred name preachers.

Friday, July 6, 2012


YouTube was heavy on the beer commercials the other day.

So that thing where you put a whole bunch of items on a list for somebody and they can pick their gift from it is really popular. Such a service exists here.http://www.shop.com/

Stupid Videos continues to exude awesomeness.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


The April 9-16 issue of Maclean's has an item talking about a study that says wild cougars have returned to Ontario. Buck, I could have told them that.

In the same issue there is an article about a new restaurant in Toronto called Actinalite, named after a hamlet near where I live. It was so cool to read that.

The April 23 issue of Maclean's has a review of Marilyn Robinson's new book of essays and mentions how she talks about appreciating whatever comes before one's eyes. As someone who grew up reading whatever CNIB or other organizations for the blind sent me, I can totally identify with this.


This video will take you to new disturbing depths.

First of all, rest assured that whoever raped and molested this woman as a little girl has been taken before the Heavenly courtroom.

The main thing that struck me about this video was how this woman uses age-play mainly as a healing mechanism, role playing situations and changing their outcome, a sort of psychological do-over.

I question, however, how much this method really helps in putting someone's past behind them.

I really think that to something like this, Jesus is the only solution.

2 Corinthians 5 17
"therefore if any man in Christ a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The thing that strikes you most about this video is how Candy McBride is crying out to be loved. The second thing that strikes you is how much her "Mommy" loves and cares for her.

Mommy calls her "sweetheart" or "sweetie" five times in thirty seconds. "... when you wake up you'll have lots of energy like the little firecracker that you are." I was also quite touched by the "pig" comment and by the "You're a lucky girl to have all these toys..."

I get the feeling that in Candy's actual childhood naptime and bedtime weren't as pleasant. I get the sense her parents (most likely her mom) would come into her room, find her playing and say, "Put away your f***ing toys and take an f***ing nap." The piesse de resistance is the hug at the end of the role playing segment.

As for Candy's segment afterwords, you get the feeling it serves as not only advice about the age-play dynamic but also as advice (or maybe even a plea) to parents (because you know mothers looking for advice about getting their babies to sleep are going to accidentally click this) that parents need to understand how a baby or toddler feels about going to sleep; an urgent admonishment to try to prevent situations like what she went through, perhaps.

McBride also has another YouTube video-which I won't link to where she takes us on a tour of her nursery, the converted master bedroom of her condo. At one point in said video, she opens the door of the master bathroom, says, "This is the bathroom. The potty monster lives there. Let's shut that," and hurriedly closes the bathroom door.

I get the feeling toilet training wasn't the most pleasant experience for her as a child, either. This brief scene got me wondering if elimination communication could be incorporated into nonsexual age-play.

It would probably work like this. The "big" would notice the "little" squirming around or something. They would then tell the "baby" it was time to go potty. The big would walk with the little to the potty, since I don't think an adult could really carry another adult around. The big would then sort of sit the little on the potty, make the "sss" sound, thus signaling the "little" adult it was OK to start relieving themselves.

I really think this could be incorporated into age-play. I know if I were role playing with Candy or some other little I would want to do it because if I had a baby at the age she's pretending to be in this video she would have been using the toilet for a long time already.

Finally, Candy, it is indeed not the end of the world if you take a nap, but the Bible does say the world will end one day. I quote the following verses in general, and not in respect to your age-play, which I don't think in itself is a sin.

2 Peter 3 7-11
"but the heavens and the earth which are now by the same word are kept in store reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men but beloved be not ignorant of this one thing that one day with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day the Lord is not slack concerning His promise as some men count slackness but is longsuffering to us-ward not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance but the day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up then all these things shall be dissolved what manner ought you to be in holy conversation and Godliness"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


by Tom Miller. New York: Vintage, 1986.

Newspaperman Miller travels to Ecuador in the mid-1980s, an intriguing enough adventure in itself, and traces the origin of the panama hat. (Spoiler alert: It actually comes from Ecuador.) Along the way, he gives us a glance into a country and an industry in the midst of change.

This book so easily could have been a boring history of an object most people really don't think about, but in Miller's capable hands it becomes not only a history of an object but a travelogue, a history book and a very entertaining read.

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CKPC-am now has a show Monday-Friday afternoons called "Rise Up Radio", featuring Christian contemporary music. Thought Brantford already had a Christian radio station, but it's cool CKPC put this on there.

I hate those Foodland commercials.

It's cool there's a service in the U.S. where immigrants can call up and listen to radio stations from their home countries over the phone.