Saturday, April 9, 2011


By Robert Lightner. Dallas: Word Publishing, 1998.

Angels In The Bible: If angels don’t have physical bodies, how did the Israelites make the golden angels for the ark of the covenant and how do you explain what Ezekiel saw?

Activity Of Angels: The fourth man in the fiery furnace wasn’t an angel, he was Jesus.

God still heals people and casts out demons, whether you like it or not. These weren’t just “sign gifts” that only the apostles were privy to. Raising the dead isn’t one of the signs that will accompany believers in Mark 16. We can’t make God do anything, but if we ask according to His will, He will do it, and it is God’s will that people be healed.

Likewise, we can not in ourselves bind Satan. We must never try to do this. However, we can bind and command Satan and cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. The verse in Mathew about whatever we bind or loose on earth being bound or loosed in Heaven doesn’t just refer to the preaching of the gospel.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Got a call a little while ago from a wog bastard named David. It was that PC Care thing where they say Windows computers have been having problems and they need to check your computer but it's really a ploy to gain remote access to your computer for their own uses. I pretended to go along with the bucker and then hung up. Bucker called right back, but I didn't answer.


Sunday afternoon at 'The Amazing Coffee' right on the corner of Russel St. and Prince Albert.
Bring your instruments, your voices and your songs and join us for more amazing music at our weekly acoustic jam in Madoc. We'll be starting up the jam around 2 in the afternoon and running until 4 pm or after.
Thanks to everyone who comes out to join us, playing music together and helping make it all work. Every week seems to bring out a new face and bring back one or two old ones. Some regular customers at the Coffee are making a point to stop by on Sunday afternoons and listen to the music while they sip their coffees, enjoy their sandwiches and pastries, use the high-speed internet connection...
So come on out this Sunday aft and "get yer lovin' spoonful". Remember, "just a spoonful of Amazing Coffee is worth 2 or 3 cups of that other stuff from up the road".
See you Sunday!

Visit Amazing Coffee's website by clicking the link above.