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This post is directed to the few of you Jews who are descended from Abraham and not from the nephilem.

You have heard of and probably know people who have become messianic Jews or Jews For Jesus as they are sometimes referred. Perhaps you fit into this catigory yourself. Whichever catigory you belong to, I just want to tell you that messianic Judaism isn't Christianity.

In John 3, Jesus told Nicodemus, a pharisy, one of your ancestors who was a big wheel in the Jewish community back then, that he had to be born again. In other words, he had to stop doing things his way and start doing them Jesus's way. Nicodemus couldn't do this by just resolving that he was going to live according to what Jesus said. If he did this, he would be acting solely under his own power and he would fail. No, in order to be born again, Nicodemus had to repent. Repentance is what everyone, Jew and non-Jew must do in order to have salvation in Jesus Christ. You turn to God and ask for forgiveness for the bad things you've done. You let Him guide your life, instead of you exclusively trying to control things.

You say you believe that Jesus is the messiah? Good. Now, here is what you must do. You must repent; ask God to forgive you of your sins and tell him you want His will to be done in your life. After that, you must be baptized, emerced in water. This is the other necissary part of having your sins taken away after repentance. In repentance, you die to yourself. In baptism, you are buried with Him as 1 Peter says and you resurrect out of the water a new creature.

I can not urge strongly enough any Jews who sincerely believe that Jesus is the messiah to take the final steps of repentance and baptism. Don't delay, lest the devil snatch the idea from your heart.


By E. Randall Floyd. Augusta, Ga: Harbor House, 2000.

This commentary is not meant to be a criticism of E. Randall Floyd or “100 Of The World’s Greatest Mysteries.” I agree with the position Floyd takes in the foreword to this book, namely that we don’t know everything and lots of things, like the subjects discussed here, are still worth investigating. I am merely stating my beliefs on some of the topics the author discusses.

The Fires Of Heaven: There is no way the big bang theory can be true. Nothing exploded and created everything?

The Bantu creation story says that one day their god got sick and vomited up all living things. Some of the people were white. How could this story have included white people when the Bantu didn’t even know about white people until a few centuries ago?

The Apache say the earth was created because a little child needed a home. How could a child fend for herself all alone on the earth?

Death Of The Dinosaurs: The dinosaurs never actually became extinct. There have been reports of taridactiles in the swamps of Africa, as well as many lizard-like creatures. Kent Hovind has a lot of good information on this topic, as does Bill Gibbins, the dinosaur hunter.

Twilight Of Nianderthall: According to Kent Hovind, a lot of the skeletons of early humans were homo sapions with diseases.

Doomsday Stars: I don’t think an object from space will hit the earth and bring an ultimate end to all life. The book of Revelation talks about burning stars falling from Heaven during the tribulation period. These could either be asteroids or nuclear devices. I think they are more likely nuclear devices.

Kent Hovind also thinks a meteor striking the earth was part of the flood.

Adam And Eve In The New World: I don’t know if Adam and Eve specifically visited the New World, nor do I know exactly how the Indians got here (probably by crossing the Berring Strait as most people believe.) However, there is evidence that Europeans were in North America as many as 3500-4000 years ago. For a good exposition of this topic, see “America B.C.” by Barry Fell.

The Pharaoh’s Curse: A lot of people connected to the excavation of King Tut’s tomb have met with bad ends. When Tutankhamen put the curse on the tomb, he would have invoked the Egyptian gods, in reality demons of Satan. Supernatural powers have a big influence in our world, even if some people think they don’t.

Beneath The Lair Of The Svinx: The riddle of the svinx has always had a melancholy aspect to it for me. A man starts out walking on four legs, then walks on half that many legs, but then ends up walking on one and a half times the number he was using before. People start out as helpless babies, become independent and, unfortunately, sometimes end their lives like helpless babies.

A Dark And Cruel Past: God did not tell the Israelites to sacrifice their children. When He speaks about dedicating and consecrating children to Him, He is merely talking about performing a special ceremony. What about all the passages where God condemns people for sacrificing their children? It wasn’t just the Carthagineans who practiced child sacrifice regularly: most ancient pagan cultures did.

Stonehenge Decoded: I’m not sure who built Stonehenge or what every one of it’s uses were, but it was definitely used as a calendar and a temple. We know of this because of experiments conducted at Stonehenge on the winter solstice.

In This Sign Shalt Thou Conquer: Constantene never totally converted to Christianity. Of course he still continued to worship Mythrus. The Catholic church continues to worship Mythrus to this day.

The Romans couldn’t destroy Christianity by feeding Christians to the lions, but they did a pretty good job (though of course they didn’t entirely succeed) when Constantene gave Christianity the same status as all other legitimate religions. He built official buildings for the Christians to worship in, decorated their facades and put fountains in front of them. Baptism was eliminated, and it eventually got so all you had to do to become a Christian was to join a church. Christians became almost indistinguishable from everybody else.

Star Crossed Voyagers: Extraterrestrial creatures-either aliens or demons-must have visited the Dogan tribe. How else to explain their astronomical knowledge when other Africans are so profoundly ignorant about everything?

The Crystal Skull Of Doom: Crystal skulls seem Satanic and occultish to me.

Viracocha The Magnificent Stranger: Jesus didn’t visit Columbia. Viracocha can not be Jesus. Viracocha destroyed a hostile village with fire; Jesus told his disciples that if a town did not accept them, they should leave that town, even shaking the dust off their shoes.

The Once And Future King: King Arthur probably existed. He was probably a good king whose history got mixed up with a whole bunch of myth.

Bigfoot And His Hairy Kin: Sasquatches must exist. There’ve been too many sightings in too many places for them not to be real.

Monsters Of The Deep: Though many sea monsters are clearly made up, there’s good cryptozological evidence that there are creatures inhabiting the seas and lakes of this planet.

Winged Terrors: A lot of those large birds were probably taridactiles.

Here There Be Dragons: Similarly, a lot of the legends about dragons probably sprang from true stories about dinosaurs.

Nosferatu: Curse Of The Undead: There may be living vampires who suck blood. I heard a caller on Coast To Coast once whose story made me wonder.

There are also demonic creatures that appear like humans who are vampiric in nature. They suck energy from people and leave human beings feeling weary and discouraged.

Shape Shifters And Werecreatures: The idea that people can transform into other things is ungodly. God created creatures as what they were.

Amelia Earhart’s Ride Into Oblivion: Most likely Amelia Earhart crashed into the sea and drowned.

D.B. Cooper, Where Are You?: Dan Cooper didn’t harm anyone … apart from skyjacking an airplane!

Toward The Light: A lot of near-death experiences can be explained by a natural occurrence which takes place in the brain. Others cqan be explained by demons.

Dance Of The Dopelganger: I don’t know if everyone in the world has an exact look-alike. People of other races all look alike to me. Plus, there are only a certain number of types of faces to go around.

“If This Is Dying, It Ain’t So Bad”: I have heard of a few experiences where people have escaped death. For example, a guy in our church once fell off the back of a truck and landed on his head. When he wqas examined at the hospital, he was found to have absolutely no damage.

Angels In Blue And Gray: I have heard of other Civil War sites being haunted.

The President From Beyond The Grave: If some ghosts are the spirits of people who have been murdered, than it seems possible that Lincoln’s ghost haunts the White House.

That reminds me of a joke:

One night, Barack Obama is visited by the ghost of George Washington. Obama asks Washington’s ghost, “What’s the best thing I can do for my country?” Washington replies, “Be a shining example of a leader like I was.” The next night, Obama is visited by the ghost of Thomas Jefferson. He again asks, “What’s the best thing I can do for my country?” Jefferson replies, “Cut taxes.” The next night, Obama is visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. He asks Lincoln, “What’s the best thing I can do for my country?” Lincoln replies, “Go see a play.”

Symphonic Spirits: I think Schumann was possessed by demons.

Flying Saucer Mania: I believe aliens exist. However, I don’t think they’re going to invade. They probably just visit here every so often to observe us. People have been seeing UFOs for thousands of years. If aliens were going to invade, they would have done it before now.

It’s also pretty hard to believe they continually abduct people to perform the same experiments over and over again.

There is a definite occult belief out there that aliens will come down and solve all our problems. I knew someone who believed this. When I heard her talk about it or I hear people on “Coast To Coast” talk about how aliens are coming soon to usher in a better world, I just think about how bucking ridiculous it sounds. Also, a Nazi scientist said that those who run the world were going to use communism, nationalism, terrorism, and aliens to advance the new world order.

Let us not forget Ronald Reagan’s speech about how all humanity’s problems would seem small if we were invaded by creatures from outer space.

Circles Of The Gods: Crop circles could be an optical illusion.

Piltdown Man: I would not have wanted to be a schoolteacher who was a Christian at the time the Piltdown Man hoax was going around. How horrible it must have been to be a Christian science teacher back then. You can be assured that, unless they repented, the teachers who taught children Piltdown Man was real and definite proof of evolution are burning in hell.

Flat Earthers: Here’s an experiment these flat earthers should try. Charter a plane in, let’s say, Vancouver. Then fly across the Pacific, across Asia, across Europe, across the Atlantic, then across North America and back to Vancouver. If the earth were flat, you couldn’t do that.

Christians have always known the Earth is round. The book of Isaiah talks about “the circle of the earth.”

Search For Noah’s Ark: Noah’s ark might be in Turkey where they found that piece of gopher wood years ago.

Shroud Of Turin: The Shroud of Turin can’t be the burial cloth of Jesus. The shroud has the impressions of a beard pressed into it, and the Bible says they plucked Jesus’s beard. Also, if there were a burial cloth with the blood of Jesus on it, that would mean someone could clone Jesus. God would not let that happen.

The Devil’s Triangle: There haven’t been any ships or planes lost in the Bermuda Triangle since the 1950’s and those that were lost before that time were lost for other reasons.

The Lindberg Tragedy: Charles Lindberg’s son was kidnapped by the Jews to teach Lindberg a lesson about criticizing them. When he continued to criticize them after the kidnapping, they probably said to him, “Look, we kidnapped your firstborn child, we can kidnap your second.”

Not Even God Can Sink This Mighty Ship: The Titanic wasn’t built properly. The rudder was too small to turn the ship around.

Nostradomis: The prophecies of Nostradomis are too vague to make any sense out of.

The Spear Of Destiny: The Roman soldier didn’t kill Jesus; he was already dead. The soldier just poked the spear into his side.

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By Paul Zane Pilzer. New York: John Wiley And Sons, Inc., 2002.

Why We Need A Revolution: I have no doubt there is a conspiracy between the food industry and the drug industry.

Soy milk isn’t actually very good for you.

I wouldn’t put things such as nutritional supplements and fitness clubs in the same category as cosmetic surgery and Viagra.

What You Need To Know About Food: The manipulation of our food supply wasn’t done with incidious intent? Are you kidding?

Making Your Fortune In Food: These days, most farms are owned by corporations, not “rich farmers.”

The reason milk is so bad for you these days and doesn’t prevent osteoperosis is because it is pasteurized and has had other things done to it to give it a longer shelf life. People should drink raw milk instead.

I bet Mama Cass was one of the warmest people in the world, given how fat she was. Heat in the winter, baby.

Most soy beans nowadays are genetically modified.

Making Your Fortune in Wellness Distribution: People are bucking goofy, though. They’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a vacation. However, they won’t spend 80 dollars on a nutritional supplement that could help their arthritis because it’s not covered by their company health plan. People won’t buy a certain kind of supplement even though it has better bioavailability because it isn’t in pill form an thus takes a whole thirty seconds longer to take. People will complain they don’t like the fiz that comes when a supplement in powder form is dissolved in water but they drink pop and beer.

Epilogue: Unlimited Wellness: Adam Smith was an occultist who is burning in hell.

Appendix A: In a way, there is no such thing as good and bad fat. The problem is our society doesn’t work it off.

The Body Mass Index is misleading because they keep lowering the number at which a person qualifies as obese. Also, a person with little body fat and a large muscle mass should not be called overweight by any stretch of the imagination.

Appendix B: If Monkeyboy has his way, if you have a preexisting medical condition, they’ll kill you.

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By Betsy Hardt. New York: G.P. Putnam Sons, 2005.

Introduction: Since a little dose of healthy suspicion is always a good thing, it should be noted that Betsy Hardt is divorced. Apparently, her husband one day “unexpectedly left the family.” Did he just up and take off? It’s possible. In the past, men have gotten the urge to chuck their families and take off for the open road or the sea. However, let us consider another possibility. It takes two to tango. Could the breakup of the Hardt family have been like a giant old growth tree? Termites ate at it for years and it got weaker and weaker. Then one day it finally collapsed. The collapse itself was sudden, but events had been leading up to it for years. Could Betsy’s husband, Ben, have been unhappy in their marriage for years before he finally decided to leave one day? If so, was this due to dissatisfaction solely on Ben’s part, or did Betsy also have something to do with it? In hindsight, are their things Betsy could have done to save her marriage? If Hardt wasn’t being a good wife and thus caused her husband to leave her, should you trust what she has to say? I’m not saying don’t listen to her, I’m just trying to inject a healthy bit of suspicion into you, so that you might be wary of what you read.

Hardt got divorced for the sake of integrity. So she thought it was the right thing to do? Couldn’t she and Ben have tried to work things out?

This post will take the position that “It Takes A Parent”, while it contains many true statements and much good advice, does not go far enough. The problems with today’s children go deeper than a culture of permissive parents, though this certainly is a huge contributing factor.

In the introduction, Hardt says that the aim of the book is partly to get parents to raise their children in the way which the parent sees fit. Truthfully, though, you should raise your children in the way God would have you to raise them. If you don’t know how God would have you to raise your children, then you better get about finding out.

Kids Gone Wild: Early in this chapter, Hardt brings up the infamous school shooting at Columbine High School. There’s good evidence to suggest that Columbine was staged. The principal was having lunch with the chief of police that morning. Certain students were told not to come to school that day. How do you get that many guns and bombs into a school anyway?

The school shooters—I’ve never cared to remember those bucker’s names—were demon possessed. They were into Satanic video games and admirers of the Nazis. They were also followers of Charles Darwin. This is shown in the fact that their jackets said NATURAL SELECTION. They hated Christianity and shot two students because they were Christians.

It’s not just something in the Texas water, but the increase in aggressive behaviour in children of ages five and six is in part due to substances in the water such as floride, bacteria and heavy metals. It’s also due to chemicals in food. Have you seen the kinds of poor diets even kids from middle class households have these days? This is to say nothing of the pressed meat school cafeterias term a healthy meal.

The increase in violent behaviour is also due to Satanic influences such as Harry Potter. (Oh wait, I forgot, it’s not Satanic even though J.K. Rowling took mythology in university and even though witches say it’s accurate.)

The older generation has always been complaining about the younger generation. This is what people say when they don’t want to face the fact that things have gotten statistically worse.

“Even though parents are too permissive, today’s children will turn out all right.” Oh really? If Ellen Griswald is given a reward everytime she does what she’s asked, then what will happen one day years from now when she meets someone who won’t reward her for doing what she’s supposed to do? Will she then become aggressive and beat up or shoot that person?

It’s like niggers. Today’s children want credit for doing what they’re supposed to do.

Satan wants your children. He wants to drag them deep down into the muck of sin and the lifestyle he would prefer for them. Haven’t you figured this out yet?

It is near impossible to find a G rated movie that doesn’t have bathroom humour or sexual innuendo in it. Also, lots of children’s movies are just plain propaganda. Take Shreck, for example. That franchise has the character of Princess Fiona, who acts very unladylike at times. The Jews have been trying to destroy our ladies for decades now, and the Jew Mike Myers who produces the Shreck series is no exception.

Perseverance: Mission Possible: People don’t want to persevere these days. They want “solve this problem in sixty seconds” or “three easy steps.” They want instant gratification and for everything to be quick and easy.

Do you actually believe that Todd Beamer thing? Yes, I know it’s nice to think about that Niel Young song and them saying “let’s roll” before taking on the Islamic terrorists. Sure, never mind the fact that you couldn’t use a cell phone at that altitude in 2001. I know what the last thing on the mind of the stewardess on Flight 93 was: the dessert cart.

What, a four year old can’t learn to read? Of course they can.

Hardt would call herself a Christian, but the whole getting divorced thing causes me to question that. Betsy Hardt’s a Christian and Sarah Palen’s a committed stay-at-home mom.

The story on page 42 and 43 might have something to do with why Ben left the family.

I don’t blame adult children for moving back in with mom and dad because there aren’t any jobs and the cost of living just gets higher all the time. It was bad even back in 2005 when this book was written.

I’m On Your Side, (What’s A Parent For. Anyway?): These days, we equate being on someone’s side or being a friend or being good with agreeing with whatever someone wants to do, whether they’re right or wrong.

One reason parents don’t like to exercise authority is because most people are whimps. The other reason is our society now believes there’s no such thing as absolute truth. Throwing a temper tantrum because I didn’t get invited to the birthday party might not be the right thing for me to do, but it might be right for my child so who am I to say she’s wrong.

It’s All About Me-Not!: It’s probably just a coincidence that Peter’s teacher had the class make All About Me posters. It has nothing to do with the fact that the public school system is part of helping to create a new world order where people are too selfish to care or look out for one another.

You don’t have to teach a child to be egotistical. A baby is naturally narcicistic, partly because it has to depend on adults for everything. The danger comes in not teaching the child to care about other people as soon as they’re old enough to start doing so. Teaching caring and unselfishness should start from infancy.

Our Children, Our Idols: The reason parents these days idolize their children is because they’ve bought into the lie that humans are evil and just wreck the environment so they only have a couple children.

There are actually a lot of child abductions which take place that aren’t reported. “I wish I were an Oscar Myer wiener” isn’t just a cute song.

Of course in the schools these days it’s all about social promotion so the kids don’t feel bad they don’t get to move on to the next grade with their friends.

I will not have you disparaging attachment parenting! Just because these parents believe in baby wearing (which doesn’t mean they all do it all the time), co-sleeping and extended nursing doesn’t mean they idolize their children or don’t discipline them properly. Yeah, attachment parenting is wrong even though parents all over the world have been doing it for thousands of years. Would you say that all the members of primitive tribes are overindulged people who think too highly of themselves because mothers in these tribes practice attachment parenting?

The goal of attachment parenting is to show the child that the parent is there for them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that parents who practice attachment parenting never let their kids experience frustration or disappointment. Once they get more mobile, attachment parenting will typically be practiced less in the home. Attachment parenting was probably practiced in western society for centuries, and not just because of poverty. Even if it wasn’t practiced in the western world until recently, does that mean the eastern world was wrong for doing it for these past millennia?

Oh yeah, and nice bucking cop-out: “I feel a mom and dad should practice attachment parenting if that’s what they are called to do” after labeling moms who practice attachment parenting “fiber moms” and describing them as typical of the pushover parents you write about in your book.

One of the reasons parents purchase Baby Einstein dvds is because it’s easier to just pop the kids in front of the TV to have them learn stuff than it is to teach them about the world by going around with them and telling them about things.

The Jews are going to tell us how to raise our kids? Their children are all whiny, ungrateful, lazy, intemperate Jewish princes and princesses.

The Self Delusion Of Self Esteem: “Being praised for everything makes you feel lousy. If you get praise for everything, what’s worth doing?” If everybody’s special, ain’t nobody special.

People with high self esteem are less likely to be racist? Hitler thought fairly highly of himself and he was pretty racist.

The public school system isn’t designed to teach things like math. It’s designed to fill the kid’s heads up with things like self esteem and “don’t be racist.”

Misbehaviour And Other Matters Of The Heart: “Criticize the child’s behaviour but not the child.” This goes right along with “love the sinner but hate the sin”, which I’m not sure how you can do that all the time.

You don’t have to teach a child to be selfish or unkind.

Actually, these days if an 8 year old stood up to bullies who were teasing his friend, he’d probably be disciplined for standing up to the bullies and handling the problem himself rather than just telling a teacher instead.

You need to teach your children that they have a sin nature which comes from the devil and a good nature which comes from God. There is a constant conflict in their hearts between these two natures. They need to learn to overcome their sin nature with their good nature.

Calvin taught the total depravity of man, which I can’t seem to find in the Bible. Sure, there is no question man is pretty depraved. However, it seems to me we have both a sin nature and a good nature. Otherwise, how do we do any ultruistic good?

Oppositional defiance disorder is the biggest load of bull I have ever heard. Hey, bud, you’re kid’s just a little brat. Other cases of oppositional defiance disorder can include such things as: Does your child question authority? Does he believe certain people in authority might be out to hurt him? Do you teach him that there are people in the world who want to bring about a new world order? You should teach your kids: “If an adult tells you to do something, even if and especially if they’re someone in authority like a pastor or a teacher or an army colonel, and it feels creepy or not right, than question them or refuse to obey them.”

No wonder our children are so depressed. They have to go to school and learn they came from a monkey and before that a one-celled organism in some primordial soup. They get their heads filled with all this environmentalist garbage which teaches them that all humans do is wreck the planet and that a tree is more valuable than they are.

When Did No Become A Dirty Word?: Throughout this book, Hardt repeats the refrain, “Do you want your child’s future spouse to be like that?” Another angle to this is you’re going to have to live with these kids. Twenty-five years from now, do you want to live in a world of children who’ve ruled their households, been praised for everything they do, had excuses made for all their bad behaviour, and never been told no?

Who Chose To Give Kids So Many Choices?: My sister and I never had a set bedtime. We always just got into bed and went to sleep. I would prefer to teach my children to listen to their bodies.

As regards the example of the snow cones given at the beginning of the chapter, children of that age really aren’t mature enough to know what they want out of a whole plethora of choices. Things like the “have it your way” option at Burger King work because adults are mature enough to know what they like on a burger. They’re also hopefully mature enough to realize they’re going to have to make a choice when they get there and likewise start thinking about it on the way.

Also, a four year old, for example, isn’t mature enough to understand the difference between wanting something because they legitimately want it and wanting something because someone else wants it.

Children who are allowed to make choices about everything must be really miserable. They know they’re out of their depth on so many of these decisions, but Mommy and Daddy want them to make a choice. Really, they’d rather have their parents decide for them.

These days when it comes to discourse and opinions on things, we get a theory in our heads, and anyone who disagrees with us should be put in jail. Global warming is a good example of this. Because people know a little, they think they know it all. Some of these people must have been the kind of kids who were expected to participate in conversations at dinner parties with adults. They expressed an opinion on politics or something they’d heard from their parents or someone else. Then they were praised for having an opinion or even having heard of politics. Well, if you get praise for having heard of something, there’s no need to investigate it further, so these kids grew up thinking because they knew a little, that was good enough and they thus knew everything about a given subject.

Led Zeppelin And The Culture Wars: Led Zeppelin actually had a lot of lyrics that had to do with Satanic or occult themes.

I have exposed my sister to lots of different kinds of music, and want to do likewise for my children. What about exposing your children to the music of artists like Glen Miller, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong? What about exposing them to music from around the world?

The verse in 1 Timothy is taken out of context. Paul is talking about food.

Hardt doesn’t follow her own advice when it comes to whether children should have phones, TVs and computers in their rooms. Up to now, she’s spent the chapter saying that we need to teach our children values, rather than just restricting things, but she won’t allow her children to ever have the above-mentioned itims in their rooms. Why not allow the phones, computers and televisions, but teach the kids to be careful about the friends they choose and what they watch on TV or look up on the internet?

Hardt defends the public school system, with the usual token proviso that she supports parent’s choices to choose a private school or home school. She says her children’s public school in Virginia was wonderful, Yet she mentions two bad things for one good thing about the school.

This part makes absolutely no bucking sense. Hardt has just spent the entire book thus far talking about how today’s children rule their households, get praise for everything and are allowed to indulge their feelings to the max. If you have your children around children like Hardt describes six hours a day for ten months of the year, are they going to emulate you or the other children? If your children are in a culture that encourages this six hours a day, how do you think they’re going to turn out?

I’m not saying you should keep children entirely sheltered from the world, because they are going to be exposed to the sinful ways of the world one way or the other. However, am I at least allowed to minimize it to some degree? Just like with attachment parenting, even though I know my children are going to experience frustration and disappointment in life, am I at least allowed, OH GREAT AND OMNIPOTENT BETSY HARDT, to minimize it to some degree?

One of the main goals of the public school system is to untrain children from the values their parents have instilled in them. Key players in the new world order have admitted this.

Before going to school, a child will be all like, “I love Jesus. I love Mommy and Daddy.” Then after they’ve been to school a few weeks, they’ll start talking back and throwing more temper tantrums, just like the other kids.

Hardt really exhibits some classic double think in this chapter.

“Children should be taught that divorce is a horrible thing.” Do as you say and not as you do, eh Betsy? It doesn’t count as a widow or a widower if you chose to end the marriage.

Divorce is a reflection of the prevailing attitudes of our society: if something’s difficult, it’s not worth doing; and if something is not 100 percent to your liking, just quit.

I really don’t have any sympathy for divorced people.

The Matrix is a propagandizing flick which shows how the world actually is. People, like the characters in the films, live in a world which they think is real, but the outside real world is actually much different.

Some R rated movies really aren’t as bad as their rating would suggest. Take “The Patriot”, for example. Yes, it has a fair amount of violence in it, because it’s about a war.

To Spank Or Not To Spank: Vaccinations are dangerous.

Time-outs are to bad behaviour what Tylenol 3s are to pain and what “just say no” is to teen pregnancy.

Parenting experts think they know more than parents. Well, that’s exactly the point. In the nineteenth century, when people like Marx and Freud and Neeche came along, we eliminated God from our lives. Then psychology and conventional medicine and parenting experts sprang up. We needed new explanations for why we do what we do and new guidance on how to lead our lives.

The decree of the psychologists is, “You’re too dumb to know how you feel. Only we know how you feel, so we have to strip you down until we find out what’s wrong with you.”

The decree of the medical profession is, “You’re too dumb to know anything about how your body works. We’re the only ones who know how your body works.”

The decree of the parenting experts is, “You’re too dumb to know how to raise your children properly, so we have to instruct you in every little thing.”

These arrogant sons of bitches are wrecking our children today.

Challenge The Experts, For The Sake Of Your Child: The children could come see the guidance counselor if they had a problem? I thought guidance counselors just advised students about their careers.

Benjamin Spock was no more human than Spock off Star Trek.

The best thing you can do for your children is pray for them. Pray the Lord’s Prayer everyday, which says “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” Also, pray over them every morning in the name of Jesus Christ.

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ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE (revised from an earlier post)

It has been nearly two years since the much-loved Canadian sketch comedy show Royal Canadian Air Farce went off the air.

Royal Canadian Air Farce premiered on CBC Radio on December 9, 1973. The cast consisted of comedians Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Lewba Goy, John Morgan, and Dave Broadfoot, who left Air Farce in 1985. Week after week, the show would do satirical sendups of politicians, as well as sketches about everyday life. In 1993, the comedy troupe began doing their show on CBC television, moving to television exclusively in the fall of 1997.

I first discovered Air Farce on the radio in 1994 and found it really funny. I'd listen at 10:30 on Saturday mornings on Cbc Stereo and again Sunday afternoons
at one on Cbc Radio.

I also watched the TV show from around when it first premiered, but I can't be sure when exactly.

Air Farce was good until the 97/98 season when they started being on TV only. Then the show got really dull and stupid. I think it was the late
John Morgan's fault. With his accent, he couldn't do very good impressions of most of the people he was impersonating. Then there was the stupid Mike
from Canmore sketch. That was originally supposed to be a one -trick pony on the radio show: some guy who calls a talk show and just says, "Hello ... I'm
Mike ... from Canmore." I didn't mind hearing it once, but when they started showing it week after week, it got annoying.

Then John Morgan retired and the show immediately got better. The additions of Craig Lozon, Allen Park, Jessica Holmes, and Penelope Coren raised the show
to heights it hadn't seen since probably its early days. One sketch in particular, with Jessica as a frustrated mother and Penelope as a little girl who looks at the world with a sense of wonder was very well acted and most enjoyable.

On the final episode, it seemed like they just wanted to get out of there.

The cast really hasn’t done much since the show ended.

Personally, I would like to see Air Farce come back with every living cast member, including the people who were never on the show but worked with the original cast in Air Farce’s previous incarnation, The Jest Society For Canada. That cast would include: Patrick Conlon, Gay Claitman, Martin Bronstein, Dave Broadfoot, and
the cast that was on the show itself. I would like to see it continue on until the last member is dead.

Episodes of Royal Canadian Air Farce can be purchased from ITunes.

Correction: Martin Bronstein was actually a member of the original radio cast as well.

After reading Roger and Don's book on "Air Farce", I understand why the show was the way it was. However, I still think having a majority of your sketches be news programs so you can look at the audience as you did on radio doesn't work well for television for two reasons.

First, a sketch comedy show needs to have a mixture of topical and nontopical sketches for the simple reason that, as someone once said, if you turn off the news for six months and then turn it back on, it'll be the same thing as six months ago.

Second, by the time the TV show premiered, the cast weren't right for the demographic that would be most interested in topical humour. They were middle-agedTorontonians. "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" and "Double Xposure" (the radio show, not the abomination that ran on CTV for a season and a half after the show left CBC) worked better because they were done by younger people (in the case of "22 Minutes) and childless, urban types (in the case of "Double Xposure") and played to the Newfoundland and Western Canadian sense of alienation respectively.

Also, If Lewba couldn't do news jokes, how come Brenda the Bingo Lady ran for so long instead of being killed off after a few sketches?

Monday, December 13, 2010


By Seth Godin. New York: Simon And Schuster, 1999

Frequency Builds Trust And Trust Builds Frequency: How did brands such as Campbells Soup and Vasoleen become so popular? Because early advertisements told people they would like the products?

Five Levels Of Permission: Intrevenis is like Autoship. Points are like Cashback. Relationships are what Market America is predicated on.


I received the following in my email this morning. It sounds like a pretty cool product, so I am posting it here:

As you'll see, we're offering the first ever platform by which you can
offer your training and other cool functions to your players, teams,
leagues, etc. in a dynamic interactive, simple to use training lesson.
Those with no content will be able to choose from available pre-created
training lesson and co-brand it as their own.

So it's easy for youth coaches or leagues to gain access to high caliber
training, then making it available to their members who receive huge
training benefits.

The system generates a very effective "Skill Analysis Report" based on the
training content at the conclusion of each lesson. This will have huge
impact in helping the amateur level players and coaches get a defined
training road map for eliminating flaws, coming from the best instructors
in the country.

We'll be offering the platform to different sports as we move forward, but
we're starting with baseball and then fast pitch softball next. An
affiliate program is on the list for 2011 too.

You may also view a lesson platform (an active prototype) at

Since I will be out frequently during the coming holidays, I may have
Coach Meadows help you personally. He said he'd be more than glad to do

So, If I can do anything else, please don't hesitate to reply. Coach
Meadows will be following my communications too. Thanks for checking it
out. I look forward to potentially working with you in some aspect.

Here's Coach's information:
Coach Pete Meadows

Friday, December 10, 2010


There's going to be an old-fashioned tent revival on the internet. The theme is Amazing Revolutionising Bible Prophecy Revealed. Gain insight into Bible prophecy you've never encountered before.

The revival will take place at every day at 9:00 p.m. eastern from January 1-11.

It would be appreciated if you invited eleven friends.

For more information, click the link above.


Oh, Mr. wog man, you think you're such the big porn king, posting your beer commercials and your pop and car commercials and your scenes from Hollywood movies. What? Do you still live in your parent's basement?

Oh, and that wife-swapping story. Won't your stupid, evil nonexistent gods kill you for that? I know I certainly will.

Have A Nice Day,
Alex Horton

Saturday, December 4, 2010


In my last couple emails I promised I’d be sending
you some mind-altering information that would
completely reshape your game plan when it comes to
the future of the economy, your long term business
strategy, your investments and even your personal
banking habits.

I have that information for you in this email and
I promise you will never be the same again after
viewing it.

Consider these facts.

(The longer you have been around the more you will
appreciate what I’m about to share with you...)

In 1913 a gallon of milk cost $.32. In 2008 the
average price was $4.00. That’s a 1,250% increase.

In 1913 a loaf of bread cost $.06. In 2008 it was
about $2.16. That’s a 2,246% increase.

In 1913 a car cost $490. In 2008 the average car
cost $27,800. That’s a whopping 5,673% increase.

In 1913 a gallon of gas cost $.12. In 2008 $1.50.
A 1,250% increase.

In 1913 you could buy a house for $3,395. In 2008
the average median home cost $206,200. A 6,074%

Here’s just a couple more...

In 1950 the average US income per year was $3,210.
In 2008 it was $30,465.

In 1950 you could buy a new house for $8,450. Again,
in 2008 the average home cost $206,200.

In 1950 a box of Ritz Crackers cost $.32. In 2008,

So let me ask you...

Did the value of a box of Ritz Crackers really
APPRECIATE by 934% in that time?

Did homes really go up THAT much in value since 1913

Or did the unit of measurement (in this case the US
dollar) used to purchase these things just go DOWN
that much in value?

Have the hard costs of producing a loaf of bread
really gone up 2,246% (from $.06 to $2.16)?

Quite the opposite in fact.

In a true free market economy, prices actually go
DOWN over time because we get better and more
efficient at producing things.

Machines replace human and animal labor. Computerized
assembly lines allow the mass production of items at
a fraction of the cost they used to. People come up
with new and innovative ideas.

In fact, did you know that wholesale prices for most
goods were the same in 1913 as they were in 1787?


So what changed in 1913?

Well, in 1913 the Federal Reserve was created and handed
the responsibility of printing and issuing our nation’s

And contrary to popular belief, the Federal Reserve is
no more Federal than Federal Express.

It’s a private bank with shareholders that are paid a
6% dividend every year and that earn interest on every
single dollar the Federal Reserve LOANS to the US

(When the Federal Reserve issues more greenbacks, it’s
not actually issuing money. It’s issuing more DEBT.
This is a burden the global financial structure can no
longer support)

This is a pretty big deal when you consider what three
different US Presidents from three different centuries
and three different political parties had to say about
private banking controlling our money supply...

"I sincerely believe that banking establishments are
more dangerous than standing armies..."

"If the American people ever allow private banks to
control the issue of their currency, first by inflation,
then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will
grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of
all property until their children wake-up homeless..."
--Thomas Jefferson

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching. It
unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of
my country ... the Money Power of the country will
endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the
prejudices of the people, until the wealth is
aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is
--Abraham Lincoln, just after the passage of the
National Banking Act of 1863

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know,
that a financial element in the large centers has
owned the government of the U.S. since the days of
Andrew Jackson. History depicts Andrew Jackson as the
last truly honorable and incorruptible American
--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Private banking has attempted to control the issue of
currency in the United States since it was founded but
for the most part was successfully prevented until

These rising prices, like the ones I just gave
examples of, are actually not because of the value of
things going up...

But a result of the value (or the purchasing power)
of the dollar going down.

This is due to inflation, which is an increase in the
amount of currency in circulation. This is very easy
to do with paper currency (also known as fiat currency)
because all they have do to is print more of it.

It’s simple supply and demand.

The more OF something there is, the less it’s worth.

In the past, our dollars were backed by gold (this was
called the gold standard), so they could only print as
much as they had in gold.

Really, they could be thought of more as gold receipts
that could be redeemed for gold at any time.

With the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 we
went from the gold standard to a partial gold standard.

And then in 1971 we went completely off the gold
standard (meaning our money is backed by nothing, it’s
literally worth no more than the paper it’s printed on)
giving the Federal Reserve the ability to print
unlimited quantities of it.

But here’s the scary part...

It took 95 years (from 1913-2008) for the price of most
things to go up 1-6,000% (ie – for the dollar to lose
1-6,000% of it’s value).

That rate may soon be vertical.

Since then, when the housing bubble burst in 2008, in
order to artificially prop up the economy the Federal
Reserve has printed more dollars into existence in the
last 18 months than the United States has in the past
300 years COMBINED.

And just this month another $900 billion was added
into circulation.

This is basically like trying to keep a dying person
who just had a heart attack alive by shooting them
up with cocaine.

It might work for a little bit, but the long term
repercussions will be severe.

So where does all of this leave us?

Unfortunately, this isn’t just your everyday, run-of-
the-mill recession.

We are, right now, still living in the greatest bubble
that has ever been created and the only thing keeping
it from popping is the Fed’s frantic printing of more

But what happens when the people doing the bailouts
need to be bailed out?

This is a pattern that has repeated itself hundreds
of times throughout history with the exact same
result every single time – without fail.

Fiat currencies are nothing new.

Governments don’t like using gold and silver for money
(the only kind that has any real true value) because
it’s available in limited quantities and therefore it
limits their ability to spend.

Historically, fiat currencies only last for about 30

And then what?

“All paper currency eventually returns to its intrinsic
value – zero.”
--Voltaire, French Historian

It’s been almost 40 years for us since the US dollar
became completely fiat in 1971 when it was taken off
the gold standard entirely. So we’re about due.

The problem is bigger than almost anyone could possibly
imagine and there’s way more to it than I can possibly
share in this email.

But essentially the short version is this:

We are in the final phases of yet another fiat
currency in the pages of history (there has NEVER
been a successful fiat currency, EVER, just to give
you an idea of the kind of odds we’re up against).

And there are really only two options:

1.If the Fed stops printing money in order to
allow the markets to naturally correct
themselves we will fall into a depression that
will make the 1930s look like the California
gold rush.

2. If they keep printing money at the rate they
are, it will trigger hyperinflation with the
end result being the US dollar becoming utterly

Or BOTH in the form of a “Hyperinflationary Depression”
that people like Robert Kiyosaki are predicting.

Again, I’m not the be-all-end-all on this and nothing
in life is guaranteed (although in my opinion this is
about as close as you can get and there are some very
smart people who are pretty much betting everything on
this whom I’ll introduce you to shortly).

The important thing is to at least be informed and
aware of it so you can make your own decisions.

If this sounds a little extreme or you would like to
think that maybe things will be different this time, I
don’t blame you.

But keep this in mind...

This has already happened in dozens of countries this
past century alone and hundreds of times throughout
history (it’s even happened twice in the US before
during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War).

There is not a single case where the printing of fiat
currency didn’t result in hyperinflation and the
eventual destruction of that currency.

For example, in Germany in 1923 their currency had
become so worthless as a result of hyperinflation
that it literally took a wheelbarrow full of cash to
buy a loaf of bread.

The only difference this time is that the US dollar
is the reserve currency for not only the US, but also
the entire WORLD.

For the first time in history, it’s global.

Everything we know and depend on in our world today
is based on the trust in the US dollar.

All fiat currencies are based on trust, nothing more.

Once that trust is lost (and if you pay any attention
to the headlines about the international currency wars
brewing you know that we are dangerously close to that
point) it is irreversible and the money becomes
worthless regardless of its scarcity at that point.

The track record for this pattern of inflation is
flawless and gold has replaced every fiat currency
that has ever been created in the past 3,000 years.

Now on the surface, I know this might not seem like
the most pleasant topic to think about.

If you’re not careful, it can have a pretty negative
effect on your outlook and productivity. That is,
until you realize that...

More people become wealthy during times of economic
turmoil than at any other point.

We’re actually living through the ultimate investing
environment right now, if you can see it for what
it is.

(No, things are too bad for that. This is the globalists final push to truly reduce the entire world to third world status-AH)

You might be tempted to think that talking about all
this stuff conflicts with having an abundance
mentality, when actually the complete opposite is

I’ve heard many people say things like “We’re only in
a down economy if you believe we’re in a down economy.”

(Ah yes, that bucking law of attraction thing again)

Or that negative thinking attracts negative events
into your life (absolutely true, but we’re talking
about two very different things).

It is 100% TRUE that you create your own reality
through your mindset...

But having a positive mindset and an abundance
mentality doesn’t mean ignoring relevant facts.

It means being able to improvise, adapt and overcome
any circumstances and having the creativity to turn
any situation into a positive.

History repeats itself and you can either be hurt by
it (like most people) or benefit from it, if you’re
conscious of it.

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward
you are likely to see.”
--Winston Churchill

Napoleon Hill calls this “accurate thinking” and the
legendary marketer Dan Kennedy says it’s the most
important AND overlooked quality in Think and Grow

(Napolion Hill was a new ager who is burning in hell)

You CAN create wealth and value in ANY situation.

(Like the way George Soros created wealth and value of his situation by selling the possessions of his fellow Jews who’d been taken to the concentration camps)

But first you have to be able to size up the
situation and recognize it for what it is.

The phrase “down economy” is relative and means
different things to different people.

Smart people make lots of money in both bull (up)
AND bear (down) markets, but NOT if you fool yourself
into thinking a bear market is actually a bull market
or vice versa.

Both are natural, totally normal and nothing to fear.

The key to prospering no matter what is to realize
that nature (and business, government, society,
history, civilization, the seasons, our bodies, etc)
operates in cycles.

Nothing goes up forever and nothing goes down forever.
That’s not natural.

Trying to operate against these cycles is like trying
to keep your body awake for days at a time using
artificial stimulants.

This particular economic cycle we’re in just so
happens to be the biggest cycle the world has seen in
6,000 years.

And I want to make sure you come out on top.

Because we’re going to need people like you and me
when all is said and done.

Now like I said before, I’ve studied this stuff off
and on for awhile but I am by no means an expert on

There have been some really good books written on this,
but for the most part, most of them kind of leave you
with a feeling of... “okay, so the world’s coming to
an end, now what?”

(That’s because this world is coming to an end, soon to be replaced by a better world ruled by Jesus Christ)

And very few of them offer you any real steps you can
take on what to DO about it.

It’s kind of been the big elephant in the room.

A lot of people have a feeling that something is
seriously, seriously wrong, and there’s a lot of crazy
“conspiracy” videos on YouTube about it, but most
serious business people have been afraid to “go there.”

(Conspiracy theory—you be the judge. Ain’t everybody slow)

At least publicly.

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

(Turning to God is the only thing that will get us through this thing)


Quite a lot actually.

So what am I, Katie Couric now?

(No, Katie Courick is less annoying, if you can believe it)

Not exactly :-)

I just wanted to make sure I got your attention for
what may very well be the most important email I’ve
ever sent you.

You may have noticed I’ve been talking a little bit
about investing in my past few emails.

And I’ve also been explaining that I take a holistic
approach to life and business.

In other words, I see everything as one big
interconnected system (your family, your business,
your health, events going on around us) rather than
separate parts that have nothing to do with each

Sadly, I think a lot of people never take an interest
in things like history, economics, politics, and
global events because they just don’t see how it
relates to them.

Or they feel helpless to do anything about it, so why
bother paying attention to it?

(Also, people are distracted by all the fluff news that is in the North American mainstream media everyday)

For a lot of people, it provides more shock and
entertainment value than anything.

But my purpose with these emails is not to start a
political discussion.

Quite the opposite in fact.

My goal is to help bring more awareness to the stuff
we see in the news headlines every day (or more
importantly, the stuff we DON’T see) so that you can
understand it in a way that makes you more money.

Because as entrepreneurs, I believe the greatest
impact people like you and I can have is by accumulating
more resources (call it “money,” call it a “list,” call
it a “team,” call it whatever you want) that we can
then use to further the causes we believe in.

We’re living through an unprecedented time in history
and I’m just amazed to be a part of it.

In our flat world, global events have a very real
and massive impact on people like you and me and the
decisions we make about our future.

By switching to this topic for a little bit you may
gain greater insights into business... marketing...
psychology... nature... success... people (and possibly
yourself) than you have in all your previous years

A couple weeks ago I sent out a survey asking people
what other things they were interested in learning

Investing was right at the top of the list and it
couldn’t come at a better time.

If you’ve read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki
you know that the model he teaches is to build a
business and to then take the profits from that
business and invest them so that you have both people
and money working for you.

So my goal was always to move from the ‘S’ (self
employed) quadrant where I was before, to the ‘B’
(business) quadrant, and then to the ‘I’ (investor)

If you’re like me though, you’ve probably always
found the ‘I’ quadrant to be very confusing and

(No, I have found it to be a sham controlled by wealthy men)

Well, with...

-Daily headlines about the international currency wars

-Another $900 billion recently pumped into the economy
from the Federal Reserve...

(Yeah, and that 900 billion is only a small fraction of the money that has been pumped into the economy-it’s actually into the tens of trillions now)

-Real unemployment numbers in the US close to 20% (at
the peak of the great depression it was about 24%)...

-And the average baby boomer’s portfolio having lost
30-40% of it’s value after going through what was the
largest stock market crash in history (yes, bigger
than 1929)...

...There has NEVER been a better time in history to
make the jump into both the ‘B’ and the ‘I’

So what’s going on with the economy anyway?

I thought Ben Bernanke said the recession was over and
we were officially on the road to recovery?

People are still buying Caribou and everyone’s out
shopping today so what’s the big deal?

Well, in my very humble opinion...

We haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.

The 20th century witnessed more change than all the
rest of human history before that.

The invention of flight and the automobile, Two
Worlds Wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall, a man on
the moon, the computer revolution, the largest spike
in human population ever, the greatest learning tool
ever created (the internet – a virtual miracle) and
massive advancements in science, medicine, and all
other areas of life.

I think we’re in for some pretty wild, challenging
and exciting times ahead (if you’re aware of what’s
going on).

And I believe it’s quite possible the next ten years
will produce more change than the world has ever seen

(You don’t know the half of it)

This is “the big shift” that everyone from Robert
Kiyosaki to Paul Zane Pilzer have been predicting for
the last few decades and it’s not something that
MIGHT take place down the road or someday.

It’s happening right now as we speak and it’s
playing out exactly the way it’s been predicted.

Events are unfolding and things have been put into
motion that cannot be stopped... exactly as they’ve
unfolded time and time again throughout history in
the past.

The latest headlines with North Korea are just one
very small piece in a big puzzle.

And it’s important to start getting “in-the-know”
about these things now... rather than later.

I’ve studied some of the stuff that I’m going to be
sharing with you on and off for years, but by no
means am an expert on it.

I just know enough to be dangerous ;-)

(Knowing enough to be dangerous is dangerous)

Fortunately, I’ve found someone who is.

I’ve been wanting to refer you to some resources
about this for awhile, but the truth is I never
found anything I felt comfortable recommending until

As a whole, I have a rule I’ve always lived by that
has served me very well.

It goes like this...

“The majority is always wrong.”
-Earl Nightengale

One of my favorite marketing teachers, John Carlton
says it this way...

“Everything worth pursuing in life can be broken down
like a game -- whether it's learning how to sell, or
how to set up a profitable business, or how to become
a fully awake and dangerously effective player.

And each of those games has two sets of rules -- the
rules that everyone believes are the "real" rules...
and the very secret inside rules that most people
don't even realize exist.”

With that in mind, think about this quote from Jesse
Livermore, who’s considered to be the greatest stock
trader of all time:

“Remember, it [the market] is designed to
fool most of the people most of the time.”

My friend that I’ll be connecting you with has figured
out these “inside rules” for investing.

I believe he has the most accurate view of how the
world ACTUALLY works historically, economically, and
psychologically – not how the government or the media
says it works – and most importantly, how to translate
this into profits for you and your business.

We’re going to be giving you some solid gold
information that I consider to be essential to
survival – right up there with food and water.

The number of people who truly understand this only
numbers in the thousands.

Now I know you hear things in marketing all the time
like “only a handful of people know about these
closely-guarded secrets” and stuff like that.

But this is no joke and to show you what I mean, here’s
one more quote I’d like you to think very carefully

(I like to use a lot of quotes because other people
have already said it so much better than I ever could.)

Today’s global economic crisis is not about real estate
or stocks or social security or any of that stuff.

These are just symptoms.

The real root problem is the very foundation of our
entire economic system – the money we use.

Here’s some insight that you will NEVER hear from the
press about this from a man named John Maynard Keynes.

John Maynard Keynes was a British economist and is
probably one of the most influential persons of the
20th Century most people have never heard of.

He’s considered to be the father of modern
macroeconomics and his brand of economics known as
Keynesianism is used by virtually every government on
the planet today.

Essentially, Keynesianism is the practice of
manipulating the free markets by printing endless
amounts of fiat (paper) currencies.

Here’s what he has to say about it (brace yourself)...

"Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to
destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the
currency. By a continuing process of inflation,
government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved,
an important part of the wealth of their citizens.
By this method they not only confiscate, but they
confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process
impoverishes many, it actually enriches some... Lenin
was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer
means of overturning the existing basis of society
than to debauch the currency. The process engages all
the hidden forces of economic law on the side of
destruction, and does it in a manner which not one
man in a million is able to diagnose."

Well that’s comforting isn’t it!

Especially when you think about the fact that the
Federal Reserve has created more dollars out of thin
air in the past 18 months than the United States has
in the past 300 YEARS COMBINED.

And they have no signs or intentions of slowing down.

Another $900 billion was just pumped into circulation
this month through the QE2 program and there’s already
talk about QE3 and QE4.

(Maybe they thought that would sound a little less
ominous than $1 trillion)

(The above was Anne’s comment, not mine)

To sum it up, here’s what one of my favorite
entrepreneurs of all time said:

“It is well enough that the people of the nation
do not understand our banking and monetary system,
for if they did, I believe there would be a
revolution before tomorrow morning.”
-Henry Ford

Well, people are starting to find out. And it’s not
going to be pretty.

But this isn’t about gloom and doom.

Because as always, there is a massive silver lining
for those who are willing to think independently,
educate themselves beforehand and prepare accordingly.

I’m going to be sharing some information with you
over the next couple weeks that I believe could very
well be the most important you ever consume in your
entire lifetime.

It will define you, your parents, your children, and
your family for generations to come.

And don’t just listen to what I’m saying. I’m just one
person and this is too big of an issue to not spend
some serious time thinking about. Do your homework
and do your research on it.

In my opinion, everything else is secondary to
understanding this.

I know that’s a pretty hefty statement, so keep an
eye on your inbox to see if I’m right.

Most of the people who subscribe to my newsletter
are very independent minded, self educated people –
something I’m very proud of.

As an entrepreneur, you’re unique mindset will allow
you to be receptive to this information in ways that
others may not.

The concepts of personal branding and “You Inc” have
revolutionized the network marketing industry over
the past 5 years or so.

You’ll be finding out the next evolution of this at
a level never seen before – how to apply it to your
personal banking, financing and retirement planning.

This is seriously cool stuff.

And while most people have lost 30-40% of the value
of their portfolios, I’d like to show you how you can
gain all that back and then some with an investment
strategy that produced gains of over 3,641% the last
we were in a similar situation only much, MUCH tamer
than this.

(Yeah, with all the inflation caused by the funny money the Fed is printing, you’ll need a six or seven figure salary just to make ends meet)

As the famous investor George Soros put it, we’re
about to witness the greatest bubble ever produced
in history.

(George Soros is one of the international banker new world order bastards who’s causing all these problems in the first place)

It will make everything else we’ve seen so far seem
like a cakewalk.

No link for you to click on in this email.

I just want you to be ready for the next message I
send you. It’s a big one.

(Taken from an email from Anne Seag)


It's no secret that women make up the majority
of the network marketing industry (about 82%
according to the Direct Selling Association).
But it's not always clear just how big that
influence is since it's the guys who are often
the ones in the spotlight.

So just how do women influence the network marketing industry?

Let's take a closer look at the trends (and this isn't going away)--

Explosion of New Products and Services

The huge explosion in new network marketing
companies is a reflection of our niche-based society,
but it's also driven by the fact that women make most
of the buying decisions for their families.

(Can’t argue with that one)

Focus on Customers, Not Recruiting

The success of the network marketing industry
depends on sales - and customers equal sales.
Women have generally chosen to focus on their
customers and build a retail sales base as the
foundation of their business.

Social Networking is HOT!

Social networking is all the rage, and it's here
to stay. Why? Because women love to socialize and
build relationships, not just sell.

(Oh, I know plenty of guys who are glued to Facebook)

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Women love to do research before they buy something.
They want to get details, facts, and opinions about
a product or service first before making a decision.
This drives the proliferation of online information.

(To me, it seems most women just buy whatever Oprah or Rachel Ray tells them)

Network Marketing Has Gone Mainstream

The Network Marketing industry has finally caught the
positive attention of mainstream media and women
have a lot to do with it.

Combine these recent trends with their "triple dipper"
assets and you have a 7 Trillion Dollar market that will
lead the way for the next 15 years.

Taken from an email from Anne Seag.