Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The May 3 issue of Maclean's has an article about people being hired by parents to teach children how to ride a bike. In the same issue, there is an article about a new product, pajama jeans. In the article, moms defend their right to wear pajamas in public.

For me, the whole issue of mothers wearing pajamas when they go out isn't about them looking slovenly: it's about setting an example for their children. I assume these moms expect their children to get dressed when they get up in the morning, and yet the mothers themselves are still wearing their pajamas. This is just another example of modern parents expecting their child to do something which they themselves don't do.

I agree wholeheartedly with the editorial in the May 10 issue of Maclean's. The editor writes about Christians being more charitable than atheists, even though a lot of Christians are perceived as not caring about other people. It was Christians who founded the orphans homes and the homes for illegitimate children in England back in the 1800's. Christian missionaries helped impoverished peoples around the world and gave them a better quality of life.

In the same issue, there is an interview with Dr. Leonard Saks about the state of today's teenage girls. Today's teen girls have massive anxiety issues, are pressuring boys for oral sex (thanks a lot, Bill Clinton) and drinking at younger ages, amongst other changes. I graduated high school in 2002. Teen life has changed so much, even since then.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


More prognostication from me. Again, this is a best case scenerio, provided the globalists don't wreck the economy and make it so no one can afford a car.

A few years from now, no one will be able to buy a used car because the new cars will be so different from the old ones no mechanic will have the facilities to fix them.

Cars will probably have some type of unit in them that will allow you to work on files and do all the stuff you do on the internet.

I don't see alternative fueled vehicles really taking off unless the makers of those cars can pressure the government the way the oil companies do.

There is also talk about having all cars be collective property, where you just co-opt a car when you need it, then hand it off to someone else when you're trip is done. This would work for people in the downtowns of major cities, but what about people in suburbs or rural areas who need to drive everywhere?


The editorial of the May issue of Readers Digest talks about how they employ all these fact checkers and thus can be trusted. Yeah, right. This is the same magazine that, in the fifties said women enjoy cultural events more than men because they gain weight around their waists which is conducive to sitting, whereas men are top heavy so their natural instincts are to go out and hunt giraffes. Readers Digest also said in the seventies that by the year 2000, the Sahara desert was going to expand and cover a significant portion of Africa. Of course, what can you expect from any magazine which lists David Suzuki as the most trusted person in Canada?

The same issue has an article about a scientist who has come up with all these new innovations involving microchips. He says one day it would be great to have tiny computers that fold out of a wall. No it wouldn't. We're too tied to computers these days as it is.

Also, Chatalaine has a new editor. Miriam Sinati probably took the fall for that whole peanut fiasco. That magazine goes through four editors in a year, then the next one only lasts a year and a half.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


CTV will flip TV Land Canada to Comedy Gold later this summer.

From the press release:

Launching August 2, Comedy Gold sees its former TV Land Canada channel re-focus exclusively on the timeless sitcoms of the 70s, 80s and 90s. With more titles
still to be confirmed, Comedy Gold features comedy classics such as the groundbreaking The Mary Tyler Moore Show; both classic Bob Newhart shows, The Bob
Newhart Show and Newhart;  two-time Emmy-winner for Best Comedy Series, Murphy Brown;  
court-room hi-jinks on Night Court; classic Canadian laughs on SCTV 
and the show that catapulted Will Smith to stardom, The Fresh Prince of Belair  among others.

Sounds like a pretty good line-up, except for that last one.

Monday, June 14, 2010


The following is a picture of how I believe entertainment will be delivered twenty years from now. This is a best case scenerio, provided the government doesn't shut down the web or enact draconian copyright legislation that forces us to buy our music from the major record labels at brick and mortar stores.

As far as terrestrial radio is concerned, twenty years from now there will probably be just one or two commercial radio stations in every market broadcasting syndicated shows. The rest of stations will consist of alternative media people like Alex Jones and community radio stations.

Most other radio will be delivered via the internet, podcasting, etc.

Television will probably mostly be on the internet, through video on demand, podcasting and video sharing sites. Any terrestrial television that remains will probably consist of community TV stations. The networks might still exist, but they will only broadcast special events.

As is already occurring, musicians will have to start being their own distributor and record label. Of course, most music will be downloaded from the internet, with people finding their own stuff instead of letting a music chart tell them what's good. This is already happening. As far as purchasing music offline is concerned, you'll probably see a band at a bar or see a guy busking down on the waterfront. You will buy a CD after the show or from a box the busker keeps beside him.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


By which I mean an online music store that's actually good.

For any enterprising individuals out there, here is what I want in an online music store.

I want to actually be able to purchase the music. None of this signing up, paying the monthly fee and the songs being unplayable once the subscription runs out. I want to purchase the songs and own them permanently without any interruptions in my enjoyment. Besides, if the songs you downloaded can be made unplayable, what's to stop someone from making your Microsoft Word documents inaccessible?

Also, I want to be able to burn the songs to CDs. The people who run the big online music stores will tell you there's no need to burn music to CDs anymore, but us ttrue music fans like our physical media: CDs, DVDs, records, cassette tapes, etc.

Those are the two main things I want in an online music store. If someone could design a site like that, it would make my and a lot of other people's day.

Monday, June 7, 2010


If you had to choose between never eating meat again or never eating cheese again, which would you choose? I would choose cheese because if I chose meat, it would mean I couldn't have bacon.

If you had to choose between never eating bread again or never eating pasta, which would you choose? I would choose pasta. I'm not the biggest fan of pasta, except if my uncle who's Italian makes it. Also, if I gave up bread, I could never have French or Italian bread again, which I love.

Friday, June 4, 2010


From a press release that came out today:

Through a renewed joint venture between Discovery Communications and CTV, Discovery today announced the launch of three new channel brands in Canada - DISCOVERY
(ID) will be available beginning Monday, August 30; followed by DISCOVERY SCIENCE on   September 27.

With a fully-unique primetime schedule, DISCOVERY WORLD HD will showcase a beautiful and brilliant portrait of our world in vivid high definition. INVESTIGATION
DISCOVERY (ID) will offer a compelling inside look at forensics, the paranormal and the fascinating human potential for good and evil; and DISCOVERY SCIENCE
will explore the cool innovations, experiments and discoveries that shape our world.

These channels will probably feature that type of programming until they start to loose money. Then they will show endless episodes of Mythbusters and The Worst Jobs In History just like the main Discovery Channel.


A while ago I wrote about my brief romance with Jane Fugar, a Rwandan woman who sent me an email one day. Well, now there's another woman in my life.

I am on a dating site for the first time in my life and hardly I can tell what exactly sparked my interest in your profile. I do not think that any profile
is able precisely to define all qualities and all depth of the soul of the person you are looking for. But you were what I wanted to write. I'm lonely,
single, 32 years old woman. There's nothing wrong with me, but I can't expect to find the men of my dreams in a bar or at a club. Those places are for
superficial people whose only judgment upon you is based on appearance and not the content of their character. I have lost many close people in my life,
this has enriched me to see what is really important in life, and what does not... I was hurt in my life, who didn't? But I still live with the hope that
God will put me on the right path to meet my other half. I am romantic and very sincere in a relationship. My life is great, but far from perfect, seems
there is one thing missing from my life. It's that special someone that I can share all the wonderful moments in life. I want to fall in love and feel
totally enamored when I see him, talk to him and hear him voice, for the first time and every time after that to an eternity! I do not know if it is really
possible to find a soulmate in such a way. I have decided to take this step, courageous for me step in a way to possible happiness because I always gave
chance to my destiny. Either way, I am looking for someone who i can spend time with and get rid of feelings of loneliness. I want to take it nice and
slow as friends, and see if we are right for each other and if we are compatible. Maybe it will be a great friendship, maybe it will be the Love. I ask
you to answer to my personal e-mail address: irok78@yahoo.com
Hopefully my email will find you healthy and happy and if you think that we are compatible I would like to try to go ahead. Anyway I know only one way
to find it out, and that requires us to take a step. I am open and willing to take that step. I will wait for your letter and if you are really serious
in your search, maybe we will find interest in each other. In the next letter I send you my picture. Please do not play with me in the joke, because I'm
serious in my search, and I am saying everything with all sincerity.
With best regards.

The adventure begins again!

The funny thing is, the email was actually from a guy named Carlos wanting me to join his network on Windows Live.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I came across the following quote in an article I recently read online:

"I am and have always been so proud of my husband's Navy service. I
can't understand why anyone would want to express any disrespect to
the men and women who face such inexpressible trials in service of not
only their country, but also family and strangers whom they leave
behind. Blame the government if you don't like the politics of war,
but never those who follow orders."

Sure, they are just doing as they are ordered. That's what the Nazis said after World War II.