Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The editorial of the April 19 issue of Maclean's is in favour of people paying more for water. How does the editor think most people are supposed to be able to afford to pay for this, especially the elderly and those on fixed incomes?

In the same issue, there is an article about Hasidic Jews having disputes with their neighbours in a Montreal neighbourhood. Of course, the Hasids are making it about the fact that they're Jewish and not about the fact that they're breaking the municipal bi-laws.

The April 26 issue of Maclean's has an interview with Kitty Kelly, author of the new unauthorized biography of Oprah. One of the things about Oprah which bugs me most is that she'll be talking properly, then she'll start talking in nigger language.

Also, I recently read an article about extended nursing. Even though the writer learned that it does not make children into wimps or harm them psychologically and that husbands don't mind their wives doing it, she still concludes that it is wrong. Is it any wonder the mainstream media is dying?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There is a new ap for the IPhone which allows you to study the Bible. Rather than try to explain it myself, here is part of the text of an email I received about it.


I'm reaching out to you because I thought you and your blog readers might find our newly launched Bible study app--Wave Study Bible®--for the iPhone and
iPod Touch --  helpful. 

With all of the craziness going on these days, spending time with the Word should be even more important. However, we know it is still a challenge for most

This isn't like any Bible you have seen. Built for the average person and not the Biblical scholar, the Wave Study Bible makes it simple to integrate the
Word into your daily life.

We only launched the application a couple weeks ago and now that we know that everything is working as it should, we want to spread the word. One of our
early users summarized his feedback a follows: 

 "Use this app for two weeks and it will become your favorite way to read the Bible."

Other study Bibles are like libraries. They are full of a lot of reference works, and are real good at putting you in touch with what other people have
seen in the Bible. Wave Study Bible is like a magnifying glass and is real good at putting you in touch with what *you* see in the Bible. It is not full
of the results of other people's study, it fills you with the results of your study.

It comes with four Bible versions (Greek New Testament, King James Version, New English Translation, God's Word Translation). Using the in-application store
you can add any of the standard translations to your Wave Study Bible® (NASB, NKJV, NIV, NIrV, Message, ESV [coming], NLT [coming]).

Check out the ap by clicking the link above.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday, radio host Marion Webster announced she would cease broadcasting her program "Marion's Attic" October 31.

Marion Webster said the decision was due to financial reasons, aging equipment and the fact she was getting older.

It's kind of sad to see Marion's Attic go. She hasn't been in the best of health
for years. For most of the show's run, Kristena, her homecare worker has had to do the show with her. Many of the records she plays are available on the internet, anyway. Still, this program was an important part of my musical education and Marion will definitely be missed.

Marion Webster began broadcasting on Wbcq in September 1999. In 2000, Marion's Attic moved from Tuesday afternoons and expanded from half an hour to an hour. It has had a few different time slots since then. Currently the show can be heard Sunday afternoons at 5:00.