Friday, November 28, 2008


A recent Yale University study says that mothers who have had caesarean sections could end up bonding less with their babies. This is due to a hormone called oxytocin which is released when natural childbirth takes place.

Why do you think they promoted caesarean sections so highly a few years back?


This post concerns an article that was in the Daily Mail on August 27, 2008. What follows are quotes from the article with my comments.

"Some 50,000 children are at risk of harm or neglect at the hands of nurseries, childminders and after school clubs, government inspectors said yesterday (26#8)."

"On the whole, they found a positive picture of childcare. But it emerged that 3 percent of them were considered "inadequate"." Only three percent? While we certainly don't want to minimize this, the first paragraph makes this sound like a much bigger deal than it is.

"The figures come at a time when mothers are being pressured to go back to work by ministers who say they are trying to crack child poverty." I don't see how moms going back to work would help with child poverty. If they had the option to stay home, they probably aren't below the poverty line.

"Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as recently as June, unveiled plans to pay mothers an extra l40 a week if they found a job." Forty pounds a week, thus making the taxes go up, making mothers earn less and struggle even harder to make ends meet.

"Concerns about a drop in standards among childminders comes at a time when more than half of all mothers of children under five go out to work."

"Mr. Brown's l16 billion-a-year tax credit system has also contributed to the increase by giving out large sums of money for mothers to spend on nurseries and childminders." And also by increasing the taxes so mothers have to go out to work and put their kids in daycare anyway.

"The early years framework comes into force from nexst week (early September) and will see all pre-school children expected to meet 69 literacy, numeracy and problem-solving goals." Yes, new world order, make those children work. Don't allow to be normal, happy playful three-year olds.

"Under the reforms, every nursery, childminder and reception class in England will have to monitor children's progress towards the targets." Oh, buck. Nannies are going to have to do this, too? They've just taken away nanny's freedom to do what they like during the time they have with their charges. Honestly, British government.

"The National Childminding Association said it is "concerning" that the number of poor childminders had increased." "concerning?" Maybe the people at the National Childminding Association need to bucking go back to bucking school.


The Liberals, NDP and Bloc all say they will vote against the government's economic statement on Monday. This will topple the government which will result in one of two things: ither the government will ask the Governor General to allow a coalition government to be formed, or we'll have another election.

This is great. If they form a coalition, they won't get anything done and they can stay out of my life and let me lead it the way I want. If we have an election, it will still mean this Parliament didn't get a chance to get anything done.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The main plot of this week's episode involved Holly Jay and her money troubles. Holly Jay is all set to go to a cheerleading championship in Florida when she comes home and receives the news that because of some risky investments her father made (these days any investments are risky) the family is going to have to cut back. She tries to get a job at The Dot but fails miserably at it, of course. Meanwhile, that reporter from Etalk Daily is interviewing Mia about her modeling career. Because Holly Jay is ticked off, she tells the reporter Mia slept her way to the top. In typical journalistic fashion, the reporter doesn't check his facts and broadcasts this on national TV. Holly Jay's sister Heather gives her the money to go on the trip, but Holly Jay is kicked off the Power Squad because of what she told the reporter. She then reapplies for the job at The Dot, for what specific reason I don't know.

The subplot involved Peter's mom returning from Regina for a little visit. At first, she thinks Peter should come back to Regina with her. There are the usual clashes between a mother and a son who has learned to live on his own, but after his mom sees Peter comfort Mia, she decides he'll be OK living on his own after all.

Not a strong episode.

Friday, November 21, 2008


In the October issue of Chatelaine, there was an article about female genital mutulation (Cuts ... Both Ways.) It talked about how a number of African women don't mind having it done to them. They feel it makes them more respected and look on it as a sign that they have become a woman. Many say they haven't suffered any ill effects from it.

There was also an article called Scenes From Same-sex Marriage. It tried to portray same-sex marriage as a perfectly normal, admirable institution. It argued that same-sex marriage was better in some cases than heterosexual i.e. normal marriage. Couples devide housework between and work out their problems in a civilized way without yelling at each other. For one thing, I am sure there are heterosexual couples that do those things. For another, the article does not point out the studies showing all the abuse same-sex couples suffer in their relationships, and the short length of homosexual relationships. For more on this, read the book Same Sex Marrieage: putting every household at risk by Mathew D. Staver, available at

The October issue of Chatelaine also had an article called Things To Do Before I Die, about a girl with cystic vibrosis who, when she discovered she only had two years to live, made a list of all the things she wanted to do in life and started to do them. The article focuses more on how she suffered with the disease rather than on her checking things off the list. Also, it isn't clear whether she accomplished everything on it or just some things. My advice is don't wait until you're dying to do all the things you want to do in life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I recently placed an ad for the company I work for in a magazine for the blind.

Last Saturday, a woman phoned and left a message on my answering machine saying she was interested in what I sold

I called her yesterday and she told me to call back later.

I called her today and said, "I'm Alex Horton. You called me last Saturday."

She said, "You again. Look, Mohammed, I told you. It's over between us. O-v-e-r. Don't call here again."

First, I doubt any boyfriend she could get would know how to spell complex words like over. Any other points are pretty obvious.


Yesterday, the co-accused in the death of a five-year old Winnipeg girl testified. The boyfriend of the girl's mother testified he had buried the girl's body about eight inches under the snow. He then said he had wanted to give her a proper burial.

Sure, they allegedly beat her and neglected her and starved her and everything, but he wanted to give her a proper burial.



A new study says parents shouldn't share cups, spoons or toothbrushes with their children because it could spread bacteria which could cause tooth decay.

This is a bit like the safety tips they used to have on The National Lampoon Radio Hour.

Remember, don't be a careless person. Be a care more person!



New proposed legislation would make it illegal for drivers under twenty-one to drive after consuming any alcohol, as well as restrict them to having only one teenage passenger in the vehicle with them.

Those opposed to the legislation say it would promote drinking and driving.

Those for the legislation say teenagers who had been drinking could phone their parents or a cab. If you were sixteen and had gone to a party and gotten drunk, would you want to call your parents? Would a lot of sixteen-year olds have money for cabs?

MADD Canada says they will pressure every province and territory to adopt this legislation. Wait a minute. Since this is proposed legislation, don't we the people get a say in it? Shouldn't MADD see if the people in the provinces and territories want this legislation passed before they start "pressuring" governments?

This follows on the heals of Ontario's Lifetime Dog Ownership Ban.

Yeah, this is the kind of thing the veterans fought for.


Monday, November 17, 2008


The main plot of last night's episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation revolved around a school camping trip. Sav is assigned the task of looking after his sister Ali by his father. Sav is looking forward to this weekend because it is his and Onya's six-month anniversary and he hopes they'll have sex. At the same time, he is worried about Ali getting up to things on the trip. Ali goes into a boy's tent to hang out while Sav makes out with Onya. Ali screams because Connor has put a snake in the tent she is in at the time. Sav comes running, finds Ali and the boy together and yells at her. Ali tells him she is "not an impure girl." Sunday afternoon, when they get back to Toronto, Onya breaks up with Sav, saying she doesn't want to be thought of as being "an impure girl" for making out with him and that he has a double standard. This is why these kinds of relationships are a bad idea.

The subplot involved Emma and Manny both being attracted to their roommate, Kelly. They end up arguing and finally decide to ask him who he likes. They ask him in a roundabout way and are still left wondering. It's stupid to fight over someone of the opposite sex. Just go up to the person and ask them point blank which one they are attracted to.

All in all, a fairly unremarkable episode.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Welcome to a new feature on the Alex Horton Blog called Reply Awl. In this feature I will be giving my opinions on articles I have recently read in magazines. The title is a tribute to a feature they used to have on Sounds Like Canada. They never should have cancelled that show.

The October 13 issue of Maclean's had a story about what female letter carriers do when they need to use the washroom. The article says it is more difficult for women than men because men can go anywhere. This is incorrect. Women can do it, too.

The same issue also has a story about the lack of Jewish families being featured on TV (No Little Synagogue On The Prairie.) On Seinfeld, even though they never said, it was obvious the main characters were Jewish. Sure, as the article points out George did have an Italian last name, but his family didn't celebrate Christmas. For goodness sake. The article mentions that on Everybody Loves Raymond, the family was Italian but the characters were written Jewish, which was pretty noticeable now that I think about it. Also, I also thought Sophia on Golden Girls was written Jewish. One of the show's writers was the talented Canadian comedian David Stineberg.

Also in the October 13 issue of Maclean's is a review of Bill Marr's new documentary Religulous. This film ticked me off. Bill Marr is a lapsed Catholic, the church that has probably done more to turn people off the idea of religion than any other force out there. In the film, Marr talks to a creation scientist and says, "I'm not the one who believes in a talking snake." If I were the scientist, I would have said, "Of course I believe in talking snakes. I'm talking to one right now."

The October 20 issue of Maclean's has an article on the new James Bond film. It seems to be the author's contention that James Bond jumped the shark after the first two movies, due to changing social moreeis. The author also favours Sean Connery best as James Bond. Personally, though I have only seen two whole James Bond films, I think Roger Moore was the best James Bond. He made Bond very debonaire. I do agree that Peerce Brosnan brought a bit too much of a male model vibe to 007. Despite the author's contention, James Bond is the best-selling movie franchise of all time and from what I have seen of them James Bond films are head-and-shoulders above most other movies.


Who cares? Nither of them will run anything anyway. Make no mistake. Obama won't run anything or make anything better. He'll be hen-pecked by the lobbyists and business interests. If he doesn't do what they want, they will make life difficult for him, just like all other politicians.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Laura is breathing.

Laura is still breathing.

Laura is eating a snack.

Laura is punching her sister.

Laura has accidentally thrown the TV remote control in the washing machine.

Laura is hyperventalating.

Laura is not breathing so much anymore.


The president of the Arts And Science Undergrads Society at Queen's University has been impeached for comments against Moslems he made on his facebook page.

Some people are saying Queen's is a racist campus. Personally, I think it's about one of the most left-wing places out there.

Do you think Queen's is a racist campus? Leave your comments in the comment area.


The main plot of last night's episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation involved Peter and his friend, Riley. Peter enjoyed hanging out with Riley because he was a cool guy and because Peter didn't have a lot of guy friends.

However, one day Riley was teaching Peter how to box and out of nowhere Riley kissed him. Peter is naturally very scared by this and eventually tells Mia. It eventually goes around school and Riley is called fag and made fun of and things like that. However, it is never established whether Riley is actually a homosexual, since he tells Peter nothing happened when questioned by him about it.

Degrassi has an annoying habit of doing things like that. It's like when Emma was going down to the ravine with Jay. A gonorrhea epidemic started. Emma told her parents she had a sore throat and needed to go down to the clinic, but it was never established whether she actually had VD or not.

The subplot of last night's episode involved Claire and her friends working on a toy robot for Media Emersion. They decide to go to Connor's house, which coincidentally happens to be Archie "Snake" Simpson's house. Now, how this Connor kid, which like the aforementioned Riley as well as Claire's friends just happened to materialize out of nowhere in this episode became Snake's son is a mystery. I thought Spike and Snake had a kid named Jack together. He would have been about six by now but he has apparently disappeared.

While over at Connor/Snake's house, Claire and her friend decide to "dig through Snake's stuff" to find out what the house of a teacher is like. In the bedroom, they find Spike's vibrator. The group decides to incorporate it into their robot. However, the thing starts vibrating in Mr. Armstrong's math class.

Claire's mom is called into school. Personally, if the school is going to call me and interrupt my day of working for the following company
then it better be for something much more important than my kid bringing a vibrator/robot to class.

Some people just don't understand robots.

Claire's mom is mad at her because she thinks she is using the device. She says she isn't but feels left out because all her friends know more about sex than she does. Claire and her mom end up having a long talk about masturbation and such things.

One of the last lines of this episode is absolutely classic:

(Claire to Holly Jay)
That masturbation is perfectly normal and that it's nothing to be ashamed of ... maybe if you tried it once in a while you wouldn't be so crabby and mean.

Her friend was asking if she did it. I think that pretty much answers her question.

Come on, Holly Jay, don't act so high and mighty. (Yes, I know they're fictional characters, buckwad.)

Also, there is still the matter of the fact that Claire stole it. Her mom really should make her give it back to Spike.

I agree with the stance Degrassi took on this issue. It's perfectly normal. Some people would disagree. If you disagree and you feel like a knock-out, drag-down, blood-spilling-everywhere fight on the subject, leave your comments in the comment area.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last spring I went to a fundraiser for my local Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

The entertainment was provided by a choir from a local, what you might call "home for wayward girls." Two of the girls gave their testimony.

The first girl said she had been raped at five by her brother. The abuse continued and she fell into a life of drugs and prostitution, having a child out of wedlock. She eventually wound up at the aforementioned home for wayward girls.

The second girl said she had grown up in "a good Christian home" and had "loved the Lord from a very young age." When she was nine her parents divorced and she ended up getting raped by someone from her church as well as by her stepbrother. She then also fell into a life of drugs and prostitution, eventually winding up at the home as well.

They talked about how, at the home they had "discovered I was the light of the world." They said things like "no one is free from sin." The second girl also talked about "coming back to Jesus' flock."

First of all, where were the men in these cases? I don't care who it is. If my son or someone from my church or anyone else rapes my daughter or stepdaughter, I'm strangling that bucker to death. There is no excuse that will make me act otherwise. This is also what God's law demands.

Second, that second girl didn't grow up in a good Christian home. If her parents divorced, it wasn't a good Christian home. The Bible says in the book of Mathew "whosoever divorceth his wife committeth adultery with her" I don't know how she could have loved the Lord from a very young age. A child can't fully understand the concept of being born again.

These girls never mentioned repenting. They never said that there was a time after they came to the home when they got down on their knees and said, "Lord, I'm sorry for all the things I've done. Please forgive me. If you don't want me to prostitute myself, I won't prostitute myself. If you don't want me to be addicted to drugs, I won't be addicted to drugs."

In fact, they were justifying it. "No one is free from sin." "I am the light of the world." Give me a break.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Because I am inspired. This post will be about the way Christians don't seem to think anything is wrong anymore.

Last January I was at a party for my local Crisis Pregnancy Centre. I overheard two men talking about mortgages. One said, "It's all right. It's just like rent."

Well, no it isn't. Romans 13 8 says "Owe no man anything" Mortgages are going into debt to buy a house. If you have a mortgage, pay it off. Otherwise, rent and wait for the bottom of the housing cycle.

A while ago at a lunchion at my church I heard a lady ask another lady what her husband did. The lady being asked the question works in the local elementary school library. The lady replied that she worked and her husband cut wood and stayed home looking after the house. The lady who had asked the question said, "Good."

What the buck. In many places in the Bible, including various places in the New Testament, it says the man is to be the head of the household. There is of course the verse in ither 1 or 2 Timothy about women being "keepers at home" for one.


Last winter, I participated in an Alpha course at my local Methodist church.

Now, for anyone thinking of taking the Alpha course, I would recommend it. For those who aren't Christians or are new Christians, it is a good introduction to Christianity. For those who have been Christians for awhile, it is a good way to get back to the basics.

However, at the particular course I went to, the people who ran it didn't seem to know very much. A man who came for the first few weeks kept bringing up all these objections and the woman's answer to allmost everything was, "You might be right. I'm not a scholar." Whenever the woman who wanted me to participate in the course with her or I would give an answer to one of the questions asked at the end of each session, the woman running the course would say something like, "Thank you, Pastor Catherine." Ooooohhhhh, pardon me. Just because we study our Bibles and have answers to these things and you apparently don't know much of anything. Actually, the two other couples that took the course didn't seem to know very much ither, and one of them had been Christians for fifty years.

It seemed the function of the woman running the course was to provide the coffee and desserts and the function of her husband was to stand behind her (as it is so much these days in Christianity) and put the Dvd in the ggoshdarn Dvd player.

Monday, November 3, 2008


In this episode, Liberty wants to join a serority. She thinks about joining her mom's serority, but then decides she might join PI Gamma Pi instead. Pgp. I believe that is some Indian political party. Actually that was PJP. If Liberty joins Pi Gamma Pi she will be in the ranks of MP's and Supreme Court justices, as well as the Gandhis.

In the course of her application, the candidates for admission are asked what the toughest time of their lives was. Liberty answers that it was the time she gave her baby up for adoption. Because of this, the serority girls think she exhibits TNB, and are eager to have her join the group.

Later, Liberty goes to a serority party where she ends up getting really drunk and needing to have her stomach pumped. The girls say they still want her in the PGP because diversity is great for there funding and there aren't any other minorities since the last of the Gandhis graduated the previous year.

I did not know Liberty was black. I thought she was fully Dutch, which have about as white skin as they come. Oh well, you know what they say. What's a Dutchman? A black man turned inside out.

This episode also has a subplot involving the Power Squad (formerly the Spirit Squad (oh well, I guess if you can't have spirit you might as well hav power)) thinking the last two virgins on the team aren't virgins anymore. However, it turns out that captain Holly Jay Sinclair is still a virgin. She tries to get Sav to take it from her, but he won't. However, he does put Sav on the wounds caused by the taunts of the other girls. It also turns out that Onya, the other girl is still a virgin as well.

See, there are more than you think.

If you have any thoughts on the number of virgins at your school or anything else, leave your comments in the comment area.


Welcome to a new feature on the Alex Horton Blog.

Insane In The Heart (a take-off on the title of the Cyprus Hill song Insane In The Brain) will be about the apostate nature of Christianity today.

In keeping with the verse in Ephesians 5, all I can say is don't be like them.

Our first episode concerns the Promise Keepers convention which took place in Missisauga last year.

The convention featured some good speakers, particularly toward the end. The main problem I had with it was there was too much emphasis on sports. The point of Promise Keepers is to teach how to be a better Christian man. One of the reasons Christian men are in such a sad state is because they sit in front of the TV watching sports too much. When the guy who headed up our church's trip to Promise Keepers woke up on the Saturday morning, what is the first thing he did? Turned on the TV and watched Sports Centre.

My suggestion is that men turn off that darn TV: turn off the football, turn off the hockey, turn off the basketball, and find out:

1.) how to truly be leaders in their marriages instead of the Ahabs most of them seem to be and;

2) find out what's really going on in the world. Here are a couple of websites to get them started: